Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Some More Nature

 Chris was taking out the garbage and happened to look up and guess who was in the tree? 
 Our owl!!
  I followed her as she flew down the way, hoping to get some good shots. 

Then, I was taking Cole for a walk on his harness and leash 
when I happened to look down and see this Luna Moth. 
 I think he was in the process of dying as the bottom was shriveling up.  
My daughter told me they are born without a mouth so they are born, procreate and then die.  
They are so beautiful with such a short lifespan.  
I found him in the road the next day.  
Something had eaten his body, but I saved his wings.

These sweet little pink/white flowers are all over the woods.  

One morning, Chris went for a walk and came home with these pretty yellow flowers.

Since we only get to see Avery on the weekends we are finding other things to keep us busy.
I got 5 blocks sewn for my Nightingale quilt.
I hope to take photos of them tomorrow.

My shadow is never far away either.

While we are being entertained the cat's "squirrelfriend" is keeping them entertained. 
 We are under some Hickory trees and the squirrels LOVE the nuts!

Hoping for some sunshine to take photos of my blocks for tomorrow.

We get to babysit Avery on Thursday.
Meeting up with Mr and Mrs Goodneedle on Friday.
She and I will be shopping at Pineapple Fabrics while our hubbies hang out.
Then lunching together afterward.
I have all those nap blankets to give to her along with some additional flannel for her to make more.



Bettina Groh said...

It sounds like you are having a good time... love your owl pictures !! Luna moths are really something else!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looking forward to our day o' fun on Friday! Your owl snapshots are really special! See you soon, my friend! :)

CA Bobbie said...

Loving your owl pictures. Great camera skills

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