Wednesday, April 14, 2021

NC Fun Times

 We got to hang out with Avery and his folks.
  We had such a great time! 
 We are only able to see him on the weekends since his folks want to keep to his regular schedule during the week. 
 So we have been trying to find some things to keep us occupied.  
I have read 2 books already! 
 The other night we were out walking and saw 2 Great Horned Owls.  
I was not able to ID them until I looked up the call.  

We have been trying to relax. 
 If you know me this is not one of my strong areas, LOL.

I cut out the Nightingale quilt before I left home. 
 There is a quilt along and I am finally getting to participate in that. 
 I paired all my blocks. 
 I am going for a "at the lake" vibe for this quilt. 
 It is going to be a gift. 
 I started sewing the first block but got a little distracted.

The cats are enjoying their camper time. 
 Cole SCREAMS every morning demanding to go into his tent.

Then we laugh, because Finn wants outside but he doesn't like the tent.
 He wants to be in Chris's lap!

I promise to post some Avery photos but I am limited in what and how often I am allowed to post.
I have to respect his parent's wishes.  
I will post some, eventually.



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I had to laugh at you two trying to find things to keep you occupied~ I can't remember a time when I've (we've) ever been so busy! Oh, my; all of a sudden we're in the middle of April! Enjoy your "down time" while you can :)

Bettina Groh said...

Your cats sound like my two oldest children... what one wanted, the other didn't. The third, the youngest, became the arbitrator !!! Hope you are finding some fun things to do when not with Avery!! BTW... that sounds like our two hand-me-down cats too!

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