Friday, April 16, 2021

Nature in NC

Yesterday we were sitting in the camper when Chris shouted "Look in that tree!  There is an owl!!" 
 He ran to get my "good" camera.  
I then went outside armed with my camera. 
 As I got closer to him the owl flew across the road.  
He was pretty far up in the tree but I zoomed in as far as my camera would let me and 
managed to snap a few pretty good shots!  

I looked it up and there are 4 species of owl here in NC.
We have now seen 2 of the 4.  
First the two Great Horned Owls and now a Barred Owl.
I think it is called Barred because of the barring on the feathers.
You can see the barring if you click on this photo and make it larger.

I hope you are enjoying these photos.
I am so thrilled to be able to see owls in real life!



Ioleen said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time with grandson.

scrappy; said...

I love owls. None here in Santa Cruz, CA, that I know of, but we did have one (or more?) in the mountains outside of town. Thanks for the pics, and the names of the owls you have seen.

ckrut said...

WOW! Love owls. Thank you for posting your pictures.

Bettina Groh said...

He's beautiful... you are lucky! Have you heard him at night?? And how big is he??

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