Sunday, April 18, 2021

Fish Research In NC

 Chris was lucky enough to be able to join our daughter and her assistant
 on a research trip to a local lake.
They were checking on the health and population of the fish in this lake. 
 They do electro-fishing (shock the water ), then 
take the fish from that to check their health, size, weight, what they are eating and numbers, etc.
This helps the biologists like our daughter, determine and help set the fishing limits in their regions.
It also allows them to learn how the fish and lake are doing.
He had a glorious day helping them with their research. 
 I think he is anxious to be able to go again while we are here.  
Here are a few photos to remember the day by.

This man was in his element!  
Thanks to our daughter for taking him out on a trip he will always remember, (Seth too)!



Bettina Groh said...

Aren't they HUGE!! Did they put them back or were they dinner!!

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