Thursday, April 01, 2021

Visiting a Friend

 Yesterday Chris and I drove to Valparaiso, Indiana 
to visit a couple we have been friends with for over 35 years.  
Our friend, Jim, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. 
 Even though he has done radiation and is doing chemo the tumor is not changing. 
 We decided we wanted to be able to visit before we could not communicate with him.  
It was SO good to see him and his wife yesterday! 
 He is still in there and even though he was not able to say much I could see his eyes light up when we spoke with him. 
 He could still say yes and give me the thumbs up!  
I am very thankful we made the 3 1/2 hour drive for the visit! 
 We gave him a brown scapular (Google it if you want more information). 
 He happily put it on and hopefully will continue to wear it.

My amazing husband took the back roads and planned 2 quilt shop stops on the way there.  
The first shop was called Robin's Nest.  
I struggled a little to find something to buy (surprising right?). 
 I always feel like I should buy something when I stop into a shop though.

I did find this adorable, vintage bunny fabric.  
I had picked some up from a "garage sale" a long time ago. 
 It is one of my favorite vintage fabrics so I was thrilled about that! 
 It's hard to tell but the background is a light blue.

We continued on and stopped at a shop in Chesterton, IN. 
 It was called Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop.  What a beautiful shop!  It was a joy to shop there!

This is some of the loot I bought there.  

I needed this pink for a border for my 52 weeks block of the week quilt.

I could not walk away from these patterns either. 
 I am itching to start that cat one, but it has to wait.

If the day was not eventful enough, my car rolled over the 100,000 mile mark!
We got home around 9 PM and we were both so happy we went.

Please pray for our friend and his wife.  They will need all the prayers they can get.



Judy in Michigan said...

When I read your post on IG yesterday, I thought "Valparaiso!!! That's not even in Mich". So glad you went too and I will pray for your friends. I know what a scapular is and pray that it will heal him. What make car do you have? WOW, 100,000 miles and you even took the bus part way to work!!

Patti said...

Not sure my last comment came through just wanted to tell you I will remember your friend in my prayers!!

Mama Spark said...

Patti, you are no-reply so I have no way to email you back! I hope you see this so you can send me your email address! I really appreciate your comments and would love to be able to email you back. You can change your status so your email shows up or just leave it when you comment. = )

Bettina Groh said...

Prayers heading their way...

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