Saturday, July 23, 2022

Trick-Or-Treat Quilt

 I spoke previously about pattern testing this quilt for Meags & Me.  
I finally finished the top. 
 It is ADORABLE!  
I handed it off to Liz to quilt today. 
 I just thought I would share the top with you all. 
 If I were to make it again, if they didn't make this change,
 I would decrease the applique pattern by ~20%.  
Doing this would allow the rest of the quilt (very top and very bottom) to fit on the width of fabric. 
 I ended up having to piece it (and I am not fond of pattern matching). 
 I do have info on how I do it though that you might find helpful so will share that in a few.

That top fabric, the cameos, are from AGF Spooky and Sweeter line.
I used Lupine Grunge for the applique background.

Here is where I pattern matched on the top.
It was along the skeleton.

My favorite way to pattern match is to fold under one side and using a glue stick stick it in place to match up with the other side.
You do need to make sure you have at least 1/4" though!
I press with the iron, then open it up and using a ruler, draw a line in the crease.
If you have really good eyes, you don't have to draw a line.
I just find that I can sew it better if I have a line to follow.
If light fabric, I use a Frixion pen.
If the fabric is dark, I use a Chaco liner pen.
Then I stitch down on the line, and if the seam allowance happens to be larger than 1/4" I trim it.
MOST of the time it works really well.  
I find the glue stick really helps keep everything in place.
If you give it a try let me know.

Additionally, I don't cut 2 pieces at the same time.
I cut one to the correct size, then see where the second one needs to line up before I cut it to size.
I have been burned by cutting BOTH sides then not being able to line them up and keep my length.

If you have any tips please share in the comments.



Judy in Michigan said...

Such a cute pattern and quilt! Thanks for the glue tip which obviously will work better than my pinning method (which, btw, doesn't work so well - LOL)

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