Monday, November 02, 2009

The Day After Halloween

So yesterday was the day after Halloween. Kind of a let down type of a day for me since I LOVE Halloween so much. We didn't get very many trick-or-treaters how about you? DH and I were home alone too which doesn't happen very often. DD1 went to a friend's up north and she took the dog with her, DD2 was at college and DS went to E. Lansing to see DD2. So I put a few decorations out and we waited for the kids. It was so slow. So few kids, maybe because it was so cold.

Anyway, on Sunday DH had to leave for work and will be home on Tues night so I was alone. I met my friend Shelby and her mom for lunch which was nice. It was good to catch up. Once I got home though I had to decide what to do. I still needed to do laundry so I started there. Then I got to sew while I was waiting for the laundry. I walked into the sewing area to see Mosen laying on my sewing basket. How helpful!

Mosen helping
Then I looked around and here was Autumn laying on the computer watching the screen. Oh, she must have gotten bored because she fell asleep there. Maybe she is trying to tell me I need to turn the heat on in my house, eh?
Autumn computer 02autumn computer 01

Now on to an idea I have been toying with. Do you remember this quilt I made for my son? He is a HUGE University of Texas fan and wanted that for his quilt. I designed this for him.

UT Quilt
I met up with LTW today and she has had several people ask her if she would make this quilt for them or if she had the pattern for it. I can make a pattern for this, (It would be my first attempt at this). I am toying around with kitting this up also. What do you think about that? Selling the pattern and then selling a fabric kit to make the quilt? Do you think anyone would be interested in that? I hate to buy fabric and figure out yardage and all if no one would buy them. Let me know what you all think of my 2 ideas.

Oh...and happy 2 days after Halloween! VBG


SewCalGal said...

Very cute post. I think your cat is definitely telling you it is time to turn the heat on, if it goes to sleep on your computer. Or maybe it is a reincarnated workaholic cat, or....maybe this cat has secretly been writing blog posts for you.

Beautiful quilt too!



Allie said...

ROFL - love kitty on the computer! Yes, make a pattern of the quilt, not sure about the kit though - I would ask some shop owners about it. That quilt is fabulous.

Donna said...

Your kitty is so cute. I love the quilt. What a treasure for a Longhorn fan! Oh, for Halloween we had about 200 trick or treaters. We just love seeing the little ones (and quite a few not so little ones) all dressed up. It's such fun!

searchfamilies said...

I think possible offer both as a pattern & a kit & yes there is many people would go for it
I like kits especially if the blocks have been cut for you as i do struggle with cutting but that said i haven't ever bought a quilt kit only blocks sometimes it just because i can't get the same thing here in the UK & i like the block & want the pattern lol i think this could do well i wish you a lot of success if you decide to do it oh by the way it a beautiful quilt
Hugs Janice

Quiltluver said...

Love the cat on the computer. Cats always seem to know where to go to get warm. My cats think I put in the heated bathroom floor just for them. Beautiful quilt! Karen

Crispy said...

The quilt is wonderful Pam but I think I would just do the pattern. Also offering a different colorway (non-football) would be appealing for the football widows, you know one side of the pattern package for football, one side for the widows.


Tanya said...

One of my cats loves the computer too (and writes interesting messages to me). I don't like to think about all the cat hairs that are getting in there so I've made it a habit to close the computer lid. The cat still sits there for warmth (which is probably not good for the computer either. Heavy cat) but the fur doesn't get inside.

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