Friday, November 20, 2009

Skaneateles and Watkins Glen

The next stop was Skaneateles (pronounced like Skinny Alice, go figure!) We stayed at the Sherwood Inn. We left NY after my visit to the simulator and it was about a 4 and a half hour drive we arrived at the Sherwood Inn.

Sherwood Inn 03
Overlooking Skaneateles lake(one og the Finger Lakes.

Skaneateles Lake
Because there were not too many folks staying there they upgraded our room to the best room at the Inn and it was gorgeous. Here let me walk you through our room. As we walked into the room to the right was the sun room.
View from the sun room:
View from our room 02

Us in the sun room at SI 03

This was the view we had from the couch. And the fireplace was to my left.

Me in the sun room at SIFireplace in our room at SI 01
Directly behind me was the bathroom and between the bathroom and sun room was our bedroom.
Bathroom Sherwood Inn 01Our Bed Sherwood Inn
You can see our room from outside.
Sun room at SI (our room)
There are lots more pictures on my Flickr so go and check it out!
We spent one night at the Sherwood Inn and then we stopped at Patchwork Plus (another quilt shop located in Skaneateles) before heading to Watkins Glen. My photo shows the center of the shop, but there is much o=more on both sides of where I took this photo. they also have LOTS of yarn too. This shop was one of the Top Ten shops in the Quilt Sampler magazine. It was fabulous. Probably one of the best I have been to. They were so nice here too.
Patchwork Plus
DH and I had passed the Stella Maris Retreat on the way from the Sherewood Inn to the quilt shop so I asked if they ever have retreats there. Apparently they do, twice a year. So if any of you live near to there, you should check out their website and go!! They should be posting information in the near future about the upcoming retreat.

I am sure you realize I could NOT leave without some take out, right? Here goes. I don't know if I have confessed this before but I have NEVER bought any Kaffe Fassett fabric, *GASP*'s true. WHY??? You ask. Well, honestly, I am so overwhelmed by the choices and without a project in mind I just can't seem to make a decision about which ones to purchase. I decided to jump in and so I bought a few half yard cuts here. I have been following Kelly at Don't Look Now and she uses a lot of KF prints and explains why, so I was thinking if I want to make some of her patterns, and I do, I need to start looking for prints that will work.

Patchwork Plus 02

Now I know this is not the best picture but you get the idea. I have never seen fabric with competitive swimmers on it. Both my girls swam for oh so many years and DD2 even swam her freshman year in college. So I had to buy some of that for later quilts for the girls. I bought the bunny one for PTM as she is always doing such nice things for me. (Like using her discount to purchase some new sneakers for me and she picked them up at the store for me too!!) I gave it to her already so I can show it to you now! I also found some 30's kind of fabric from the City Quilter but no photo and gave her a FQ of that too. Again,not the best photo but this was the first pattern that caught my eye when I walked in the door. Isn't it adorable??
Patchwork Plus 03Patchwork Plus 01
I still have Watkins Glen and Montour Falls to show you as well as my trip to GR. Wow, how many blog posts are too many in one day?? I hope you all are not bored yet!


Anonymous said...

What a supercosy place to spent the night!!Looks like someone's own house to me. I bet you slept like a baby. Great pics of the store too and what fun swimmersfabric :)
C LOVES Kaffe fabrics and she has quite a collection. I thought them a bit too much colour/pattern at first, but I'm afraid C has infected me although I haven't got any yet. First I have to finish more Ufo's :)
Have a great weekend!

Crispy said...

WOW great room!!! Love the fabrics, I've been bit by the Kaffe bug too and I agree it's a bit overwhelming at first.

Crispy - Who is NOT bored :0)

Barbara said...

You know 60 years ago (I was 13) my parents took us on a tour of NY state. Watkins Glen was one of the places we stopped at. I can still see the beauty of that area, so green, so cool, have never been back but the memory stayed all these years as my favorite spot we visited that year. Thanks for sharing your experience. BarbM

Allie said...

What a fabulous place to stay!!! I might not leave. Skinny Alice, really? That's interesting, lol!

LOVE all your goodies. That swimmer fabric is darling!

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