Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hey There

Time to catch up, ok? On Friday Cori came by and picked me up and then we got PTM and we all went to Checker. Cori has an online shop and PTM and I are now the buyers for LTW (and for ourselves too, of course). PTM and I picked up our pre-order and then I did something I have never done before, take a deep breath...I bought 4 bolts of fabric!!! You read that right, 4. Now I feel the need to explain. I had purchased a bolt of Kona Snow the last time we were there in August, but I have used it all up! One of the bolts I bought was another one of those. Then there was a snow colored pin dot by Lakehouse that I needed. I think the embroidery for Vintage Halloween will look great on that. Then, on a total whim, I bought a bolt from a line by South Seas Imports line called Castles and Carriages (I got the ivory one). If you haven't seen it yet go to SSI and check it out. ADORABLE. Not sure what I will use this one for but I like using these kinds of neutrals in other projects. I had a Peter Rabbit one that I used quite a lot. The last one is a University of Texas orange. I am thinking about writing the pattern and maybe either having the fabrics available or kitting it up. It is difficult to find that orange.

ACK! I spent a lot of money. I hope I can recoup soon!!

I have been working on my Swanky UFO and have 5 rows done so far. Progress, even if it is slow.

DH and I are definitely going to NY on Wed. He has school in NJ but I can go out exploring NYC while he studies (wow, which one of us got the good end of that deal hmmm???) So for all you folks that live in or near or just love NYC I need some ideas of what to do. I have some of my own mind you but suggest away. Dinner places, lunch places, quilt shops whatever. My plans as of right now include the garment district, Rockefeller center, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. I may try to go the Soho (DH says that is where Gossip Girl is from). I will most likely be on my own for lunch so any suggestions would be appreciated. Any shopping places I *need* to go? I am on a budget too you know so just remember that. Probably no Broadway show but maybe next time. One friend suggested the red Apple Tour busses. Is there one tour bus that is better than another one? So much to do and so little time!

To that end, I went and got a hair cut today and she highlighted it too. Makes the gray blend in with the blond and now I don't look so frumpy and old. Then I went to a shop to get a few new shirts and a new pair of pants. While I was there I went to the makeup dept. I ended up buying some skin care products and some new foundation (can't remember the last time I did this, so I was WAY over due!) She also did my makeup. I should have taken a pic, I looked like a hoochie! Wow, WAY too much eye stuff going on. YUCK! My skin feels great now though! Good enough that I spent a couple of hours outside doing yard work. Now that is hard work! I have so much more to do to get the gardens into winter shape! Have you all put your gardens to sleep already?

Oh well, enough blathering on, back to working on Swanky and the laundry!


Allie said...

I am so jealous you're going to NYC. No help but I wish I was going with you!
Four bolts!!!! Awesome. The only way to buy, lol!!!!
Can't quite picture you as a hoochie, lol......I can relate though, went for a makeover one time and scared myself silly!

searchfamilies said...

Boy i am so envious not only of you buying such items but being able to get things over there when i see a bolt of fabric the shipping cost to the UK plus i would then get hit with import duty, value Added Tax (VAT) & then a handling charge it just don't pay to get it oh but i can dream of the day i win the lottery have a big sewing room with loads of bolts of fabric & not have to worry about the cost or as my DH would say now wake up lol well done on your purchases
Hugs Janice

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