Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin's Book Signing in Grand Rapids Michigan

I just have to say that right after I got home from NY I spent the night and got up and re-packed my bags to go to Grand Rapids. I got in the car with DD1 and we drove to GR to see my dad and for me to get ready to go and get my book signed by Sarah Palin. I knew it would be a huge event so I was prepared to be a little nutty about the whole thing. In for a dime in for a dollar, right? So first stop was Barnes and Noble for the book. Then to Attic Windows quilt shop. This is what I got there. Some black for Hocuspocusville and some gray that looks like Petosky stones for a Michigan quilt someday. I also got these sweet FQ for cheap too!!

Black and gray$1 FQ
I found this really sweet pear batik fabric and these amazingly creepy cats. I found this adorable cat pattern too. I can see this done with all 30's fabrics can't you?
Pears and catsNew pattern
So after all that, I got to my dad's house. I decided I should be in the line to get a bracelet to get in line for the signing around midnight, and it was pretty cold out. My dad gave me his snowmobiling pants and boots, which I paired with my husband's down jacket and a hat, a headband and DD1's sweet purple scarf. Oh, and I borrowed the gloves from my son.
Me again
I got there at midnight and it was pretty cold, but I was quite warm. (I didn't put the "in line" photos on the blog but they are on flickr). We waited until around 5:30am when they let us into the mall to continue to wait until 7am. At 7am they opened the doors to the bookstore so we were able to get out bracelet (which entitled us to comeback and wait some more!) I went home and took a shower and put some makeup on and changed my clothes so I didn't look like a skank. Then DD1 and I headed out to Red Robin for lunch and she dropped me at the mall.
I got back in line and was around 200th (I was 37th in the am). We all stood around and sat around and talked to pass the time. The people in line by me were very nice. About 5:45 Sarah arrived (you can see the media inside the book store in the first photo) Some elderly lady walked up to the group I was in and asked if anyone wanted her sign. Everyone stepped back, so I figured they just didn't want to talk to any of the media. I was cleaned up so I said, "Sure, I'll take it". Wow did it ever work like a media magnet. I ended up interviewed by the Detroit Free Press, The Observer (from the UK), Fox News ( by Greta VanSustern's assistant) and the New York Times. Pretty sure the only one that used anything was the Free Press. I was in the paper the next day (Wed, you can read it on their site)

Sarah arrivedMe and my sign
This photo is on the NY Times website. It was me going upstairs for the actual signing and where I got to meet Sarah!!

This is the bus she pulled up in. I forgot to tell you I extended my hand and she put down the pen and shook my hand, firmly. I told her, "Thanks for what you are doing for our country." She looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you for what you are doing to support our country too." I have to say all in all it was quite an experience. I adore her and was thrilled to be able to meet her in person.
Sarah's Bus 02


Catherine said...

To say I'm jealous would be an understatement.

:) A fellow Limbaugh conservative

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl. I hope she comes to northern California!


Anonymous said...

You can add me to that Jealous list. I would consider it an honor to meet Sarah.

Jocelyn said...

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously cool. :c)

Laura said...

I am so totally jealous!

SandyQuilts said...

I'm am so so so jealous. Congrats on meeting Sarah .... how exciting and what an honor.

Teri said...

I'd say you were lucky, but I see how many hours you waited! Honey, you earned this. Good for you! As much as I love Sarah, I can't see ever waiting that long, and fighting the crowds to see her. I will just enjoy reading about those of you that do the work!

Allie said...

Man I wish I had your energy, Pam! I love love love the Petoskey fabric, and all the treasures you found. I'm SO jealous you got to meet Sarah Palin! But I agree, you worked for it, girl!

Crispy said...

Very cool Pam!! The only time I made it on TV was when Darth Vader was at the Penneys store and we stood in line with the boys to shake his hand LOL.


Unknown said...

Well, at 73 there isn't anyone I would wait in in line for that long, but I would have sat and held the sign for anyone that wanted me to, grin. Great gal, and glad to hear she was so up front and friendly with you, she is a down to earth person and I greatly admire her. BarbM

Linda said...

Am I green with envy? Absolutely!!
But it was sure great to see your blog and at least be able to share your experience. Thanks

dot said...

You are one fortunate girl. I wish I could have that chance. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith said...

Hi Pam
Could you please send me your address ASAP as Im wanting to send you something. I loved reading your blog about Sarah Palin and your adventures I wonder if she quilts too?

PS. Dont forget your address xxx

dianne said...

it was refreshing to see Sarah Palin's name in a post and find that is NOT bashing her ...... and you DO look nice and warm (and not even a wee bit skanky)!

KZK said...

TOTALLY cool! Wish I had been there, too!

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