Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We made it to NJ!

We left our house around 7:30 this am and headed out for NJ. Our hotel is in Secacus, NJ, just across the river from NYC. We stopped in Pennsylvania (PA) at the information rest area and I took some photos there. All the pics from the trip will be on my flickr so you can go and see them all if you want to, highlights only here! It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was with my honey and I got to listen to Glenn, Rush and Sean all the way here! We saw lots of dead things on the way including a porcupine!! What a day. In addition, DH made a stop at a quilt shop for me too. I bought a half yard of some black fabric and I will share it soon, I promise. It is black on black cat fabric. I also got a book that I have been looking for "Make any block any size." Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. We drove though some amazing country taking I80 including the Pocono Mountains. Just breathtaking. I need to come back and do some exploring here for sure!!

We arrived around 6pm at the hotel. Wow you NJ folks need to settle down a little bit when you drive! The drivers here are crazy, crazy!! They just go, and you better get out of the way. Everything is fast and furious like your life depended on getting to wherever you are going and you need to have been there like half an hour ago. I could NOT do that every day. I thought Detroit was bad, we look like a bunch of grandmas compared to the drivers of NJ and DH says it is much worse in NYC. I'll take the bus or walk thank you very much!!

We went out to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and here is a shot of DH enjoying a chair on our way out. Aren't they neat? Nice eye candy too ; )
New York Trip 012

I booked a 48 hour tour with the Greyline tours. You can hop on and off and I am on my own for the next 2 days so thought this would work just fine for me. The first place for me tomorrow is the Statue of Liberty followed by Ellis Island. Then I will play it by ear. Found a Gossip Girl tour but I think I can figure it out with a map, we'll see. I definately want to go to City Quilts too but that may not be tomorrow. So much to see and do!!

I leave you with the view from our hotel room window. See the red, white and blue lit building? The Empire State Building! Good night everyone and I will talk to you tomorrow!!
New York Trip 011


Allie said...

Jealous, jealous jealous - I love PA, so beautiful. And the worst drive of my LIFE was on the Hudson Parkway, I kid you not. Makes I-75 during rush hour look like a country road in comparison.

Have a wonderful, glorious time, girl!

GARI said...

Have fun. the first time I was in NYC I was 11 and left alone in a hotel (mother in hospital, father in meetings). I ran the streets, spent time in Grand Central, and shopped (no money). I had a wonderful time. Ah, innocence.

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

OOOOHHH I wist I could be there. I'm so jealous.


Micki said...

NYC looks incredible at night! Have lots of fun in The Big Apple. said...

Thanks for visiting Cheeseburger in Paradise! How did you enjoy your meal? We love the picture of your husband in the chairs – would you mind if we post it on our Facebook fan page at Thanks again!

Crispy said...

Sounds like such a lovely start of your time away. Have a wonderful time exploring!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow - nice trip! I wish I could talk my husband into the exact trip! Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for letting us use your picture on our fan page. Check out the post at

-You're a celebrity!

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