Friday, November 20, 2009

More of my trip to NY

I hope you are not bored of my trip yet! I have some more to share then on to the Finger Lake region. One thing at a time. Oh, and I need to share purchases with you yet too, huh? OK sit down and here goes nothing!
I forgot that I actually went over to Flight Safety to meet DH for a ride in the simulator with him. I just thought I would show you some of it. Here we are in the cockpit of a simulator of the airplane he flies (Falcon 50). The next pic is us "flying" around NYC. It really was weird but cool.
Chris and me in the simulatorCock pit in the sim
They stopped right by the Statue of Liberty. It was neat, we could go right up close and they had me take this pic. You could NEVER do that in real life in your plane!
Libery from sim 05
I think I should share my shopping on the way to NYC an in NYC next so here goes.
We stopped at a quilt shop in Pennsylvania (Can't remember the name) and I got this book and this wonderful black on black cat fabric.
PA Shop Purchase
Next up was The City Quilter in NYC. Interestingly enough they told me that the other shop was much smaller. (Are you kidding me, this shop was pretty small!) Here is the view inside the shop. They do have some NYC themed fabric and I thought it was pretty cool. This is the subway and bus routes and I had to have the Peace sign batik!
The City QuilterCity Quilter Purchase 01
I fell in love with those goofy bunnies and of course I *needed* the owls too. I liked the Statue of Liberty batik too. Really my colors!
City Quilter Purchase 02City Quilter 01
Next up the trip to Skaneateles and the Sherwood Inn.


Anonymous said...

Ofcourse you needed that fabric Dúh! Like the subwaythemed!!
Hope you landed that plane without damaging something :)

Crispy said...

I remember doing something like that with my grandfather, they were called Link Trainers if I remember correctly.

Love your purchases.


Allie said...

Now flying in a simulator I could do - I don't do real planes, lol! I love what you got but that NYC fabric is AWESOME!

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