Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Seeing Stars

OK, I just had to share this with all of you.I have been stunt sewing for LTW for the last little while and one of the things I was doing with this light house star quilt. Wait, what I meant to say is that this is the first of 2 of these quilts. This one, using Kona snow for the background was supposed to be for the raffle at U of M, OOPS, my bad. I just could NOT get my act together to get it finished in time. It is off to LTW tomorrow. I hope she likes it.
Liz's Star quilt 02
She had enough of the light house blocks for 2 (well almost) see the star in a star blocks? I was 3 light houses short so I made those up instead. I have to say I really like how this came out using the snow. Now the other one is on a Fossil Fern that has a blue/purple cast to it. It is pretty too but I think this one is my favorite of the 2.
Liz's Star quilt  03
Tonight I had quilting with the CHV ladies (just like every Wednesday) and so I brought the blocks to lay out for the second one. I was able to lay them all out and then get up and down to sew everything together. Well PTM decided she didn't have too much to do so she pinned and brought me the blocks and amazingly they became rows. Eventually those rows became the top!!! Now all I have to do is add the borders and the top will be ready to give to LTW!! I am not going to be at work on Friday so it will have to be when LTW gets back from her vacation but, these babies are almost hers!!!

Wait, what am I going to do once I hand these off? Sheesh, guess I will have to look at the UFO list now and make a plan. All too soon I will have to pick it all up and get ready for the holidays, I need to try to get a couple more in before then.


searchfamilies said...

It looks great very nice
Hugs Janice

Quiltluver said...

I love the colors on this quilt. Very pretty. Great idea to use the star in a star blocks. Sometimes, the best ideas come when we run out of certain fabrics. Karen

The Calico Cat said...

Both of those are pretty! I like the mix of big & little stars.

Crispy said...

Wonderful quilt, I think the blocks without the lighthouses adds a lot of character to the quilt. Well Done Pam!!


dianne said...

well now ... isn't that just the prettiest thing?!?

YOU ... with NOTHING to do??!!?! and NO PLAN!!??!?

AS IF!!!

SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful. This is going to be treasured for many generations. And I too love Kona cotton. Great quality fabric. I've used their "Snow" before too and love, love, love it.

Thanks for sharing.


Allie said...

Wowzers - that's beautiful, Pam!

Donna said...

The quilt is beautiful! I love blue and white.

Anonymous said...

Almost missed this one! Great colours ánd like the pattern. With stars you'll never go wrong. And now? Idle hands?? Nothing to sew for others???!!!! Now you can only sew a new quilt for yourself :) O my, that'll be something!

Ginger Patches said...

I like the fussy cut squares in the center of your stars, great quilt!

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