Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm back from NYC

We got home around 10pm on Monday night. Tuesday morning I left for Grand Rapids to go to Sarah Palin's book signing. So it went like this, I just stayed up and went to the bookstore around 11:45pm to get in line to get a wrist band. It was soooo cold. My 83 year old dad gave me his snowmobile clothes and boots to wait in the cold all night. This turned out to be genius, and I was never cold at all!! In fact when the personal summers began I had to take off my scarf! We got to go into the mall around 5:30am and the bookstore opened around 7am. They let 25 people in and I was in the second set of 25 to get in. I got my wrist band and was leaving the store when a woman stopped me and asked to see my band and what it said. Turns out she is a reported for the Detroit Free Press so she interviewed me. The article is here if you want to read about it. I am exhausted! Unfortunately, the second line is first come first served too which is kind of stupid and gives no real advantage to the people that stayed out in the cold all night. But whatever, I waited all night what's a few more hours to meet one of my idols! I am so excited!!

I have photos of it all but will upload them, in reality, tomorrow. Along with all the rest of the trip pics and the pics of the quilt stuff I bought. I'm going to shower, and put on some nice clothes and some makeup so I don't look like a total skank. Then I will take DD1 out to lunch and back in line for me. There are not photos allowed but someone from this deal will be photographing and posting to a Flickr account.

More later, sleep and shower are in order now!


Mrs Quilty said...

Wow...sounds like you had quite a trip...looking forward to pics!

G'G'ma said...

Glad you made it home from NYC safe and sound. But then to turn around and do an all-nighter. Thought about everyone standing out in the cold. But when a person feels it is what they really want to do we can put up with all kinds of weather. I watched Sarah on Oprah. Oprah's questions were mainly fluff. She didn't give Sarah a chance to deal with some meaningful issues.

A grandson who is in premed at U of M was here Sat. He told me about this really neat quilt raffle!! You should have seen the blue and gold M,"he said" I was one up on him and told him I saw it being worked on....not really but you know what I mean.

Enjoy your book.

Micki said...

Welcome home and you really had a wodnerful time, I can see. It is an exciting city, and there is so much to see and do.
Glad that you came safely home!

Tanya said...

What a great trip to New York. That is another place I've never been (and on the other side of the world so maybe never will?) The cathedral pictures are wonderful and I was especially pleased to see the cranes and have you introduce the story of Sadako. Hope you get rested up.

Allie said...

I'm so jealous - I didn't see you on the news tonight, I'll watch at 11pm and see if they show you! They did show the first 3 girls in line, they'd stayed there all night too.

Sherrill said...

AWESOME! I'm not sure there's anyone I'd stand in line out in the freezing cold for! Course, I AM a wimp! I won't even get up early on black Friday to get those good deals! lol Glad you will get to see her..she's terrific!

Crispy said...

Wow you must really be a fan LOL. Welcome home Pam :0)


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