Monday, June 07, 2010

Finally, I can post!

I have been trying all day to comment and then to post and Blogger was down. I HATE when Blogger is down don't you? I tried to communicate with everyone but noooooo. So I had to do real work, UGH. Then I came home and worked on my Tisket A Tasket blocks. I have 4 more blocks all stitched around and the next 2 fused. The fusing takes a long time. I am happy with how they are turning out but don't want to keep boring you with them so I will show them as I finish the hand work on them.

I was cleaning the garage recently when I came across a Handi-Quilter frame I bought a few years ago on Ebay. Now I have never even opened it and I really don't have anyplace to set it up in my home. So I was thinking that if anyone is interested in purchasing it please contact me. I paid $350 for it and it was right before the Handi Quilter II came out. Just send me an email and let's see if I can get it out of my garage and into a home where it will be used and loved.


Crispy said...

I'm not the least bit bored seeing your Tisket blocks....might get me off my behind to work on mine :0)


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