Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New to me Blog

Hey I just found a new to me blog. Lynne and I have been commenting back and forth for the last few minutes. She just happens to be having a fabulous give away (but please don't go over there and leave a comment or anything because I want to win!!!) Hurry on over and meet her and her friend that happens to have a fabulous shop. Gwen also has a wonderful blog that you should stop by as well. Please tell them I sent you so they know I was telling the truth about how much I like their blogs.

OK while shamelessly plugging of shops is happening let me remind you again that my good friend, Cori, has a spectacular shop of Moda pre-cuts and yardage along with some patterns. Go on over and check her out. Her shop prices are really reasonable too. Can you let her know I sent you too? I was just there on Friday shopping and bought a bolt of the Moda Basic white to try. I want to see if I like it more than the Kona white, which I really love, raveling issues and all. So stay tuned and I will let you know when I get around to using it!!

Is there anyone out there that might like to test a pattern or patterns for me? (Besides PTM, who I am already counting on using). I am really going to try to do this soon but know someone else needs to try it and make sure I make it easy to follow and to make accurately. Let me know.


CJ said...

Depending on what it is for, I would love to test a pattern for you!

Pat said...

If you twist my arm...I would be able to test patterns for you. How fast would the turn around need to be? Depending on how it would fit into my sewing schedule!

Laurie said...

If you are looking for a tester in the future, I'd be glad to help. I just can't commit to anything until after we are settled from our move. Anytime after October would work for me. Keep me in mind :)

Crispy said...

Oooo goody, I can hardly wait to hear about the Moda Basic, I'm still on the look out for that perfect solid.

Crispy (PS I didn't enter the drawing so you could win LOL).

Mama Koch said...

**WAVING HAND IN AIR** ME! I'll test a pattern/s for you ANYTIME!

sndy1 said...

I have always wondered what was involved with pattern testing. I would be interested in trying it out.

Annemiek said...

Found the blogs etc. and love them!
(love the blue/white quilt too a few posts back,great way to use scraps, I might try it!!)

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