Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Quilt Designer?

Maybe. I will need your help with this endevor though! I entered a contest on the McCalls website. It is for potential new quilt designers, wanna bees so to speak. I think I wannabe! So if you are so disposed and wouldn't mind too much taking a minute and going to their site and view my quilt. You will be able to vote for my quilt, I believe, after June 24th. I put up "My Neighborhood" quilt. Remember it? Well it looks like this:

If you are an aspiring quilt designer too you can enter the contest and I guess you can vote for your own quilt! Have fun looking and I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Vicki said...

Going over to vote for you now :) Good luck with it all :)

Linda said...

Congratulations! Please remind me after the 24th to vote!

Anonymous said...

As we say in the opera world, 'Toi toi!' I will definitely vote for you!
Craig :)

If the beetle quilt is done before the dead line...I could enter too...How fun!!!:) Just would have to encourage mom to slap on a binding and have her take a photo since i am still in Scotland till Aug. Grrr. Timing

SheilaC said...

You can count on my vote too!!!

Good Luck!


Lizzet said...

Great quilt! I will definetly vote for you after 24th June.

Good Luck!

Crispy said...

I marked on my calendar to go over and vote for you on the 24th! You know how much I love your Neighborhood houses :0)


Micki said...

Lovely quilt! I will make sure to vote for you on the 24th.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a CUTE QUILT! How very exciting for you - embarking on pattern design! Wishing you the best - looks like you're off to a wonderful start!!!

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