Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot AND Humid

So what do you do when it is hot AND humid outside? Stay in and sew, am I right? I went to the gym yesterday and found it was just so icky outside. I thought I wanted to weed, but no, alas those weeds may be defeating me due to hot and humidity, but I will get out there eventually!

DD1 got up EARLY and went to the bird swap (again) and got LTW a new goat, named Oreo. She dropped her off at the farm and brought these treasures for me when she arrived home.

First Onions and lettuce
Doesn't look YUMMY??? I am going to have some of that lettuce for lunch very soon.

Funny I happened to post yesterday about 12 Days of Christmas. I went out to the store for some milk and called Cori as I was leaving. You knew I could not resist the FQ bundle now didn't you? It just so happens that a 12 Days kit found it's way home with me too. I have no idea how that happened = ) OMG it makes me purr just showing you all this 12 Days goodness. Now if you want your very own kit or some cut goods hop on over to Cori's place and order it up. (You know you want to)
12 Days of Christmas from Cori's
I ended up at the store for the milk and when I got home there was a package on my sewing table from...yep, THE FAT QUARTER SHOP!!! I signed up for the Mystery BOM made out of...wait for it...wait for it...12 Days of Christmas fabric!!!!! You may need to join me in this fun.
The packet on the left is for the first block and on the right is the finishing kit.
12 Days of Christmas from FQS
So I cut out the block last night and sewed it up today. I LOVE it and the really great news? I think I may have enough of the fabric left over from the block to make a second block for (now you need to keep it quiet) LTW. I know things are tight with the farm and having 2 mortgages so I am going to try to share so she can have some 12 Days lovin' too. Here is the block.
12 Days of Christmas Block 1


Crispy said...

Very cute block and a wonderful idea to share with your friend :o) When I first looked at the block I couldn't figure out what it was then the light came on....presents!! I'm such a ejit sometimes LOL.


MichelleB said...

That is a darling block! I love it. And so sweet of you to share. But then we know how really sweet you are!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I got my set of FQs in the mail and the fabric is gorgeous! I'm patiently waiting for my first installment and finishing kit to arrive in the mail from FQS. Mail to Canada is so slow sometimes!
Nice that you can make a second block with the leftovers, awesome!

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