Saturday, June 12, 2010

JRQAL Block 8 and stuff

I had a very eventful day yesterday. I ended up shopping with PTM and my friend Cori (owner of Crazy Quilt Girl online fabric shop) at a warehouse yesterday. I only made a few purchases and was kind of proud of myself! I drove over to Cori's house and got to "shop" in her fabric room, let me just say, *heaven*! All the new Kate Spain 12 Days of Christmas is in, both the cut fabric and some bolts and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Even MORE beautiful in person. You *NEED* to get some of this and I have a feeling it will sell out quickly. Cori's prices are some of the best on the web so RUN right over there and do a little damage! She also got bolts of Fresh Cottons in and that is a beautiful line too. I adore the polka dots in that line. Now off with you then come back and read some more here!!

As I said I was pretty restrained. Here are the 2 bolts I did end up buying. I got a bolt of interfacing to use to make a couple of t-shirt quilts and then I found the words. They are words from Snow White. Do you remember my idea for Storybook Owls? Well I want to re-make my spooky owls and use this as background for it. I can see it in my head now we will see how I can translate it to real life, LOL.

Checker trip 001
I had pre-ordered a CR ruler and think I will use it to make some of the Hexagons I keep seeing.
Checker trip 003
I had pre-ordered some patterns but the cat one was the only one that was not backordered. It looks just like my cat Mosen. I will do this as a wall hanging some day. (Notice I didn't say some day soon, LOL) I had recently seen a basket block like this and though it might be fun to make someday and so just picked up the pattern when I saw it.
Checker trip 002
Funny story, as we were walking around at the store, Cori came up and told me she was having trouble finding me because I look so different. I gave her the ??? face. She laughed and told me I look like her friend from 10 years ago!!! That made me feel good but then later, she and PTM were walking behind me and I heard them say "Look at how little her butt is now". Wow, makes me so happy!! Speaking of weight loss I lost 2.8 pounds this week. This makes up for the 2.2 gain last week. Now I have lost almost 37 pounds!!

Cori and I went to a new to me place for lunch, the Red Olive. The food was great! I had a chicken Caeser wrap and it was amazing!! They had a 2 page salad menu too.

When I got home I did some cleaning since DD1 was expecting a friend to come over and spend the night. They went to the bird swap today looking for a goat to be friends with the goat living at LTW's house, a peahen for Malik, the peacock they got last time, and some Aracana chicks (they lay blue eggs). I just heard from her and they got another pygmy goat and some Easter Egg chicks but no pea hen, apparently they didn't have any at the swap. So they are going to the farm and will deliver the goods. Hopefully they will take some pics so I can share with you later.

I did decide to do the next JRQAL block and here it is:
JRQAL Block 8 001
Again the whole directional thing comes into play but I like how it came out anyway, even if my flowers are all sideways!

Well, it is supposed to be how AND humid today, yahoo! We already turned the AC on for the day and it is not even 9:30 am!! I have to go and get ready to go to the gym for my class but will write more later. I will be going over to Cori's again today, I *need* the 12 Days of Christmas Kit and possibly the FQ bundle, she only has 4 of those!! But I will probably need a shower first!!


Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a fun day! I'm with you - I love 12 Days and Fresh Cottons! CUTE BLOCK!

Crispy said...

Goodness you were busy!!! Love the butt compliment LOL. Hmmmm that Fresh Cotton is looking pretty good LOL


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