Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday's Farm Visit

On Sunday I went with my DH and DD1 to visit LTW's farm. We had a nice visit and came away with lots of "stuff". First you need to see how well my leaf lettuce is growing. The original plants were about 2" tall when I handed them over, now look at them!
And we have banana peppers already too! Plus have you ever seen an eggplant flower? I had not so here is a shot of that too.
And of course you know how much I love me some kitties and this one became my new BFF. His name is Rusty (DH thought it should be Cracker) and he followed me all around the farm. Even the Barn Swallows dive bombing him didn't deter his love for me. Right back at ya Rusty!!
We got to visit with the Polish chickens we brought the first time and they are doing well. The red rooster is such a ham!
He loves his lady hen too and here she is in all her om pom splendor.
Here is our old pal Megatron, the first chick we hatched. Look how big she is!
Old McLincoln's Farm 013
You can see Megatron and Fox (I think) in the pen with the Aracana mix chicks we got at another bird swap. Hopefully the mix birds will have some hens and lay colorful eggs. Anywhere from blue to greens. Easter Egg chickens they sometimes call them. They are adorable!
Old McLincoln's Farm 010Old McLincoln's Farm 011
Two of the horses, minus the big black one.
Old McLincoln's Farm 032
DD1 with her peacock, Malik

The 2 Alpacas, Sam and Cole
Becky and Sunny

Now in this one you can see the back of LTW with the BIG dog, Sasha. This is actually looking out of the room where her long arm machine goes.

Here are the 2 goats together, Sunny and Oreo. They are so funny to watch together!!
Old McLincoln's Farm 044
There are more pics of our first hatchlings on my Flickr account so if you are interested, click the link on the side and you can see how they have grown too.
We took home 3 "heads" of leaf lettuce, 4 or 5 Banana peppers, some green onions and more frozen strawberries than I actually had room for in my freezer, but THAT is another story for another day!

I have a few photos of the inside of the farm, but need to run and actually get a little work done at my real job today, LOL!! Thank goodness they don't actually care what I do as long as my work gets done!


Crispy said...

Great pictures, I love the Red Rooster and look at the love on Rusty's face LOL.


Tamara Hampton said...

i just found your blog a couple days ago. I have to say its nice to see pictures of home. I live in texas now but grew up in Addison (just south of jackson). your farm is great! thanks for sharing!

Saska said...

"Cracker" has a nice smile!

SheilaC said...

Thank you for sharing all the great pics, I love all the animals! If we had the room I would have gotten a little goat when my kids were little. They just seem like so much fun.

And are peacocks normally that friendly? I was surprised to see your daughter holding him!


Allie said...

Lucky you - I love farms!!! This is beautiful. I love the pom-pom chickens, they look so much like my grandma.

Sue said...

What a lovely menagerie. I love the exotic names all the animals have.

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