Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lots to talk about.

That's right, I really do have quite a bit to share. I will start by saying that I laid out my JEQAL blocks and realized that I needed to re-make one of the blocks. I had three that were mostly white and it looked weird, so I changed one, the easiest one, of course, did you even have to ask. Here is the new one.
JRQAL Block re-do
I really like how this one came out too. It looks soooo much better with the rest of the blocks. Next I began putting my crazy rail quilt together. You can see all the rows here
Crazy Rail laid out 01 I managed to get the entire center sewn on Wed night at quilting. Now on to the borders!
I ordered some Holiday Happy from Sharon's shop and it came this week too. Isn't it pretty??
Holiday Happy
She had a wonderful sale but I missed out on the Santa gnomes. Maybe I will pick some up at another time, we,ll see. Stop in and see Miss Sharon and tell her I sent you.

As you know I entered the McCall's Design Star contest and I am a finalist. I thought, since my top is posted I would show you a photo of the top (and one of me too).

I am so happy with how it came out. If you have a minute use the link on my side bar to go and vote for me. If you wanted to leave a comment I sure would appreciate that too. One quilt has 42 comments already! I think I have 8. (ohhh all my insecurities are coming out again...)
This morning I opened the front door to let Jack out and I looked down and saw this
Good morning toad
Well, hello there Mr. Toad, I said, and he just looked at me. He was literally knocking on the door, too funny.

OK, enough chit chat for now, got to go, eat and get ready to go out to a quilting meeting. I did finally take some photos of our peachicks, even a video of one of them flying to me to land on my arm but that will have to wait until tomorrow. They are so cute and getting so BIG. Maybe I will have my DD1 take a photo of my awesome scar face from fighting off the Ninja warriors to share with you tomorrow too. Wow won't you all be surprised at that!? Until tomorrow then.


Faith said...

Hi Pam I love your quilt that has been entered and I love your first block too which reminds me of rainbows. Keep quilting and designing you are doing great.. thumbs up.

Crispy said...

Hopefully my shout out will pump up your numbers Pam. After seeing the other quilts IMHO, your quilt and one other are wonderful, the rest are ok or down right ugly. How many will be picked after this round?


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Cool block! I voted! Jenn

dianne said...

did you ask Mr. Toad, "Wart's new?"?!?

love your quilt - i'm voting often!

Laila L S said...

I`ve voted for you! I would like to download a picture of your quilt for inspiration if it`s OK with you. I love the way you made this quilt and would like to try something similar myself sometime.

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