Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Night Quuilting

You are NOT going to believe how much I have to tell you today. Remember I said that LTW got the Curious George quilt all quilted? Well she did. It is adorably quilted with monkeys and bananas all over it. Then I handed it off to PTM and guess what? She handed it back to me all bound last night. I just need to make a label and sew it on tonight and it will be ready to gift to Mason tomorrow (I hope).
Curious Geroge 02Curious Geroge up close
I don't know how well you can see the quilting but trust me it is too cute!

Yesterday at work LTW handed me back the JRQAL quilt ALL FINISHED!!! I squared it up last night at home and then brought it along with the binding to quilting and handed it over to PTM. She really does do the most wonderful job with those bindings. You should see her perfect little mitered corners!! Maybe I will go over to her house in the near future and have her make a binding tutorial. I know I learned a few new things from this perfectionist!! She's the BEST!! I thought you might like to see it quilted, front and back so here ya go.
JRQuil 02JRQuil back 01
See that strip through the middle? I really needed some more length and thought, now how will I do that? So I measured the top to see how much I needed and cut the green in half. I had already made the binding so I used all the left over bits from the JR to make the strips that you see on either side of the Kona Snow strip. I love the fact that I used all but about 8" from that jelly roll to make this quilt! LOVE IT!!

Now I have a question for you all. I need some advice. I am going to give this quilt to Matt (the young Marine that was injured in the war that you all helped me make a quilt for) as he is getting married. Here comes the part I need advice for. He has been married before, so this is the second marriage. Good so far. The engagement party is this Sat, they are actually getting married in Dec in Vegas. When possible I like to label my quilts by writing directly on the quilt somewhere on the back but...what if this is called off before the wedding or they split up and the label is permanently written on the back? Would you make a label and sew it on instead? I was really excited to be able to write it in a line on the Kona just above the second strip of the Verna. What would you do? I like the look of the writing directly on the quilt over a label, but I sure would hate for the quilt to not be used if something happens. YIKES!!! I guess I should add that I am planning on giving it to them on Sat since I doubt I will be able to attend the wedding. So I need to figure it out soon. Let me know what you all think.

In addition to all this, PTM and I worked on our Fall into Fall giveaway stuff. Let me tell you that you will not be disappointed!! We have an added twist for you to win along with the "stuff", so I hope you will all check back tomorrow when all will be revealed!! Tease, I know. You are not the first ones to call me that!! Until tomorrow...XOP


soggybottomflats said...

If this were me, I would write directly, just like you had said you like to do, and gift it to the couple on Saturday. Whether or not they do get married doesn't really depend on the quilt. Your gift is really quite awesome and they will love it.

Let me tell you a quickie on my awesome quilt. I made it for my mother, and gave it to her between her birthday the 21st of November and Christmas, because she was very ill and I had wanted to give her something really nice before she passed. It was of purple and green batiks...kind of a play on her beloved lilacs and gardening, she loved that too. It was @ 104" square and just gorgeous. I never heard if she received it or not. I signed it on the fabric, "to mother, yada, yada", and waited 2 weeks, then I called her. It wasn't big enough for her queen size bed, etc. She died a year later. I only hope my brother sold it in a yard sale for at least a dollar.

Mother wasn't a nice person and usually (always) found fault with everything I or my 4 brothers ever did. But you know, I poured my soul into that quilt and sent it with the best of intentions. And Pam, I am not sorry, not at all! I still feel good about that quilt.

So with your quilt to the newlyweds, give them the quilt signed by you and just know you made an awesome quilt that is better then anything else they will get.

Big hugs, a happy quilter in Texas, Elaine

Laurie said...

I would also sign it - like you wanted to. I would just say something like "Made with love by Pam Lincoln 2010". That way Matt can keep it no matter what happens :)

CJ said...

LOVE the Verna quilt! I like Laurie's suggestion of how to sign it - pretty generic 'just in case' ya know.
I'd love a binding tutorial from THE BEST! I like how I do bindings now but there is always room for improvement.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your JRQA quilt is just beautiful. I would go ahead and write on as planned. We can't change how we do things for what "might" happen! Have fun at the engagement party.

Allie said...

Hm...I'd probably just say Made For You by etc, and the date, exactly where you wanted to sign it. It's gorgeous! Love the Curious George.

dot said...

Pam, I would sign it but with something generic like--- maybe all your future dreams be fulfilled. Best wishes Pam Lincoln. Something like that. What a beautiful quilt.

Crispy said...

Don't worry about what "might" happen, just sign it and date it. Both quilts turned out lovely :0)


dianne said...

yikes ... the word verification is "anutt" and i'm not so sure i even want to leave a comment now - bwah ha ha!!!

love the jelly roll quilt - it is so pretty (i printed all of the instructions but didn't cut into my jelly roll cuz i am not a fan of mysteries - of course, now i won't have anyone to blame except me if i don't like how i put the strips together) ... write whatever and wherever makes you happy - once you give it away, you've lost any control over whether or not it is used and loved ... i think there might be quilt angels looking over our labors of love

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