Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I just have a minute to blog so I have a few things to tell you all. PTM and I have decided on our giveaways. You will be amazed at what we are going to give away for the Fall into Fall Quilt Blogger's Giveaway so make sure you stop back on October 1st for a chance to win!!

(Aiden is telling me to hurry up already)

I have decided to go to NYC with my DH. We leave on Oct 17th and will be there that night. I have all week alone in the city (he has to go to flight school) so if there are any NYC bloggers (or someone wanting to venture into the city) that might want to meet up for lunch or quilt shopping or whatever, let me know as I am open to it all. I am meeting a friend that I used to work with either Tues or Wed but she is flexible and I think it is just for lunch. Anyway,I sure would love to meet some fellow bloggers so let me know!!!
Laxy 03
I'll just be pining away waiting to hear from you guys (just like my dog Laxy) so hurry up already and put a wag in my tail, let's meet up in NYC!!!


Laurie said...

Could you squish me into your suitcase?? NYC would be a ball :) Hope you can meet some new/old friends from the blogger world - and don't forget the pictures!!

Crispy said...

I hope you get to meet lots of people from blogland, sure wish I could be there with you....LOVE the deli's there. Last time I was there (many years ago), I gave up a trip to The Tavern On The Green for a HUGE pastrami on rye at the deli next to the hotel :0)


Joyce said...

I went to NYC this summer. Right in the middle of a major heat wave (not a good idea..) I did find a cute quilt shop...The City Quilter.
Worth a trip to see!

Allie said...

Sure wish I could follow you there, girl!

Mary-Kay said...

I've always wanted to go to NY but I can't make it this time. Maybe next time. Anyway I just received the latest issue of McCalls Quilting and I spied a little photo of you. Too bad there weren't any pictures of the quilts. I better go vote again.

Brenda said...

One day I may get to NYC but I am just going to have to be content going to the quilt show in G.R. this weekend. I hope you have fun and get to visit a lot of quilt shops.

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