Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More of the Ohio Trip

I know I promised more from the trip so here I go. We got up and left the Inn to go downtown, Berlin and do some more shopping.
First stop was the local cheese shop where we got to watch them making the cheese. I know the pics aren't the best but they were shot from behind the glass. all my pics of the big vats of liquid separating were blurry but here you can see the cheese curds being shot into the cart with boxes on it. Then you see all the curds in the boxes. They put lids on those boxes and press additional liquid out to form the cheese bricks.
Cheese making 06Cheese making 05
We stayed until the in town shops were open and then drove into the actual town.
I went back to some of the quilt shops and found these goodies at the Helping Hands Quilt shop. Love the Lynette Anderson fabric!

More goodiesLynette Anderson cat fabric

We went to a place called Zinck's fabric outlet and I found some more LA fabric an additional 25% off if you finished the bolt (DH helpfully pointed this out to me!) I didn't want to disappoint him so I bought all they had, about 6 yards.
Berlin Ohio Trip purchases 8-10 001
We went to several antique malls too where I found some "treasures" including these bags of feed sack fabric.
Vintage fabric
I love the little Japanese figurines out there and when I found this adorable basket of kitties I could not resist them. I know you can't see it very well but I have them perched on top of a vintage spool I also bought.
Three little kitties
It was getting on dinner time and we had not decided where to stay. We ended up at the Berlin Hotel. I have to say this was a fabulous place to stay! The rooms were amazing and the 2 person Jacuzzi tub was heavenly. I told DH not to use any bubble bath or anything at the last place we had stayed but he wasn't thinking about that and called me in to a tub filled with bubbles, so proud that he had the tub ready for me. Only he hadn't counted on them "over foaming" when the water jets were turned on. Picture the dishwasher run with dish washing soap rather than soap formulated for the dishwasher!! Needless to say there were bubbles everywhere. It was pretty funny. I thought about taking a bubble bath pic but decided against it (there should be laws against that right??)

We got up the next day and visited a few shops and headed out of town. We passed by this scene of a boy helping his dad on the farm. We also went by this cool old church and graveyard.
Helping paChurch and graveyard
We were going to visit the Longaberger basket place. We found it with this HUGE basket. The HQ is in Dresden and the HQ building is a giant basket too.
Here is DH inside the factory outlet store and me in a basket outside the big complex
Chris inside Langaberger basket shopMe in basket
Passed by this one on the way out, notice the street light height and then you will know how tall that apple basket really was
Outside apple basket
This is actually the HQ building, amazing huh?
Gargantuan basket!!
Last stop on the way home was a quilt shop in Mt Vernon, OH. It was called the Paw Patch Quilt Shop and they had lots of cool stuff and the owner was so very nice! This is what I picked up.
Fabric from Ashland
Alright, it is really busy at work at the moment so I need to go and take care of some of that so I will talk with you all later. Quilting tonight with the Canton ladies.


Allie said...

You have too much fun - looks like a great trip!

Joyce said...

I can't believe your were 20 minutes from my home. Did you visit Miller's in Charm? Looks like you had a great time.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

A trip to remember, with wonderful *fabric* souvenirs... the BEST kind!

Crispy said...

I had a good laugh reading about your bubble bath...too funny!! What a lovely trip you had and such yummy the polka dots :0)


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