Friday, September 03, 2010

Gifts and Give Aways

I haven't had time to blog about the wonderful gifts Elaine sent to me. The story? A little while ago I posted about a flamingo quilt I made for my DD2. Elaine loved the fabric I used. As it happens I had a ton of that fabric (bought all they had when it was clearanced out). To make a long story short, I sent it to her. I knew I would not ever use it again since I had used it once so she is now the proud owner of some awesome flamingo fabrics. So just before I left for vacation, a package arrived for me from Texas. I do get packages from TX from time to time from my wonderful friend Suzanne. (She and my DS are BIG UT fans!!) Surprise to me, it was from Elaine and here is what I got.
From Elaine
It was some flamingo fabric, a huge flamingo apron (to be repurposed into something else), a set of serving utensils and the cutest little "lawn ornament" display for my table top! Thank you so much, Elaine, I love all the gifts!! I ended up giving DD the serving pieces and the display. I will keep the other to make some things from in the future.

On top of that I entered a give away with MANY different prizes. I sent some blocks for a cancer quilt to Lucia. They were plus/cross blocks. She had several wonderful prizes for the people that contributed and I won! Three Heather Ross FQ's!!!!
Give away winner
Aren't they fabulous?? I was so excited!! Now if I can just win one of those GO cutters that are out there!! LOL.

I am super busy at work at the moment and at home too so not much quilty is going on. I finished the last 2 jelly roll quilt along blocks and will try to get pics soon. I have a plan for how I want to put it together but I need to order some of the coordinating fabric for that, sigh. I can only get it just so far and then I will have to wait for the fabric to arrive in the mail. I am almost done with the second set of waves for the mermaid quilt for the auction too. I need to finish that soon so I can begin quilting it since it is due on Sept 13th! (Just like my challenge quilt).

More when I have some pics to share!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Sweet gift and the give away win is wonderful! Love that Heather Ross fabric.

Mrs Quilty said...

Wonderful gifts! Proves it's a good idea to enter those give-aways! Very nice! You sound so busy, I got tired reading it!

Allie said...

What a wonderful gift, and congrats on your win!

Crispy said...

Wins and RAK's are so much fun!! Sounds like you have some intense sewing coming up :0)


Faith said...

Youre in lucky paradise there, Ive never won anything yet from these bloggers so I dont enter them anymore. I torment my Jim with my charity shop finds and car boots sale of materials from here and there. They get in his underpants and shout at him from different corners of the house!.

Micki said...

Congrats on your win and good luck with completing your projects.

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