Friday, September 17, 2010


As promised here is a photo of Osirus and Blue. They are sitting on DD1 and Osirus, the female is on the left while Blue, the male is on the right. They have gotten so BIG.
Pea chicks 009
Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of having her hold Osirus and take a video as she flies to me. So here you go.

The crazy thing about this is that she is a fool for yellow squash! Oh and the Pea-weep is the noise they make along with just weep,weep weep, when they are crying for our attention.

Please note that this is my living room/sewing room. What a nice mess huh? Well, you can all see where I sew now, LOL.

Tomorrow is the weigh in for the challenge at the gym. I ate what I wanted so I know I will be up a little but that's good for the first weigh in. WW will be ending and I am not going to pay to continue but will do it on my own so the challenge comes at a good time. I am meeting my friend, Shelby, for lunch tomorrow and then I hope to be able to do some sewing. I feel so far behind and have so much to do!! Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend!!


Needled Mom said...

Wow! Those are amazing birds. How long until they are full grown?

Crispy said...

Very cool!! I raised a nest of baby sparrows once and after I released them they would come flying up to me to say hi. I felt like Snow White LOL.


dianne said...

flapping wings and feathers and bird feet - oh my!!

three of my worst phobias - you are SO brave!!!

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