Thursday, September 09, 2010

Time Keeps On Slippin Into the Future

Now I understand that phrase! Every time I think I have a plan time slips by and the plan is changed.I went to quilting last night and thought about all the things I *need* to do and what did I end up doing? None of what I had planned, LOL. Well, maybe just a little before I went there. I did manage to get the sashing and outer borders cut for the JRQAL quilt. I still need to cut the corner stones, and the inner sashing. I have a plan for the quilt that will use some more of the JR up but don't want to make the cuts until I have the inside together and can measure it, since my outer border will involve some...MATH. Hopefully not that much!

You may be wondering what I did bring to work on right? Well, I had some rectangles cut to make a Crazy Rail quilt. I brought those. I did the additional slicing and dicing and sewed them back together and voila ended up with this stack of flannel goodness.
Crazy Rail 002Crazy Rail 001
I have made this pattern in the past. It is so easy to make and yields a twin sized quilt. I got all the blocks done in less than 3 hours, even all pressed. Now I need to cut the flannel borders and then I will lay it out and begin sewing next Wed at the next quilt meeting. I should have it done quite quickly. It's set 7 x 10. You make more blocks than that but you cut the rest in half, sew end to end and use in the border. You will see shortly! I am trying to get some of my projects done in the small amount of time I have before I potentially have to make another challenge quilt (or at least I hope I get to do that).

I went to the gym in the am yesterday and 5 fire trucks showed up to the coney island a few stores down. Apparently there was a pretty significant fire. One of the other ladies went out and asked the fireman if we needed to evacuate but he said we didn't so I finished up, showered and left before we might have had to. PHEW, the gym was still there today, so I met PTM there and we worked out together. The next weight loss challenge begins on Sat. That should help me kick start my weight loss (I hope). I followed PTM home to borrow her table top light (just like the one I own). My bulb finally burned out of my flip Ott light but Joann doesn't sell the right bulb so I had to order it, and it is back ordered. I really need that light if I want to sew when it gets dark outside as the room I sew in doesn't have the best lighting.

Oh I almost forgot, DD1 got a permanent job today!!!!! A real, live, big girl job with benefits and everything!! She will be working at the same place as I do (University of Michigan) but for a different department so she will not be working in the lab with me anymore. We will still ride in together though. Isn't that great??!!


Crispy said...

Ewww MATH, I hate math LOL. Congrats to your daughter, that first "real" job is soooo exciting!!


Allie said...

Love the look of your new quilt - congrats to DD!

Elaine Adair said...

I never heard that phrase - but understand it completely.

congrats to daughter and job!! Whew, take a breath! 8-0))

Brenda said...

Great for your daughter! My oldest that has a degree in art has yet to get that big girl job. But she does have a job just nothing to do with her degree. I started a new quilt this week and posted about it tonight. I look forward to seeing your finished project. I am keeping my eyes open for another patter to make another twin. Something cottagy that I can put in the same room as the one I am working on now. Have a great weekend!

John'aLee said...

Wow..I am impressed with your blocks and how quickly you got them done. You go girl!

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