Monday, June 26, 2017

Cha Cha Cha Cha CHANGES

It seems like last week was an amazingly crazy one!  
We put a down payment on a fifth wheel, found a truck to buy to pull it,
 and adopted 2 kittens into our life.  CrAzY!!

So apparently I have only shown the fifth wheel on my instagram account.  
We purchased a Flagstaff.  
We went to the dealer in Lansing and they did not have the model we wanted but 
were able to place an order for it.  
Apparently they make them in batches and luckily we got the last spot for this model
and it will be being made in the near future.  
They anticipate that we will have delivery the first week of August.

These photos are the stock photos from the Flagstaff website but ours will be close to this in colors.

You can see that there is a dinette rather than table and chairs. 
 We chose this for 2 reasons.  
First so there is an additional bed and second, see the drawers under the seats?  
When you look this direction you can see the steps on the left. 
 Those lead to the bathroom and bedroom.  It has three slide outs and is ~32 feet long.

We love that the TV and fireplace are across from the theater seating. 
 It also has an outdoor tv and grill and the awning covers most of the outside of the camper.
We love that!

So if that was not enough, hubby decided that he needed a new truck to haul said fifth wheel.  
Which of course he did!  
No, really, he actually does need a new truck as ours would pull it on level ground but never through any mountains, and it is super old.  
So what did he choose I hear you asking?

It is a Chevy (and this part is straight from hubby's mouth):  
It is a 250 HD High Country Silverado with a Duramax Diesel engine. 
 HA, I knew it was a 250 and that's about it.  It is pretty but who knew trucks cost so much!!!  YIKES!  
I think we are going to pick it up tonight.

So now we are all set to travel as soon as I retire (hopefully in 2 more years).  

Someone told me to stop spamming my FB account with kitten pictures but 
I just can not help myself, because 

We are finding out their personalities.  
Finn is our fearless little adventurer. 
 He just can. not. stop. moving!  
Until he passes out. 
 He wants to lay on the cat bed perhaps with his brother, but not on us.  
He is very food oriented and thinks whenever you have food you MUST share.  
If you are not careful he will just walk right on to your plate and help himself!

In this photo, Cole had just climbed onto the quilt I was binding and Finn jumped on top of him!

Cole on the other hand, is amazingly cuddly.  
Whenever you pick him up he bursts into a very loud purring.  
He will seek us out and meow until we pick him up.  
That means he wants to take a nap and you need to go sit down and provide the napping location 
on your body for him. 
 He has very long legs and I think will be a very big cat.  
Someone told me he looks like a bat so Chris has started calling him Batman.  

Already "helping" me bind a quilt.

It's really difficult to photograph a black cat, especially when he closes his eyes!

I have lots more to share but need to stop for now.  Very exciting times at my house right now!



CA Bobbie said...

I wouldn't call kitten pics "spamming", just saying........

Ioleen said...

Cuteness overload!!!! You keep posting all the pictures you want, love seeing these two.

VickiT said...

Awesome news about the new truck and the great looking trailer. And those kittens? I'm so jealous of you that you can pick them up and like a cat should, you hear purring. I have never in my entire life seen or heard of a cat that doesn't purr. Well, until we bought a very expensive Ragdoll. I'm so bummed about that. I miss that. Heck, you have to be right next to her in order to hear her meow even as that's super quiet too. LOL

Retiring in about 2 yrs means those kitties will be at the perfect age to introduce them to camping. By then, hopefully they will understand your commands (HA as if ANY cat really does that LOL), OR at least know the tone of your voice and like most cats, will come running if they hear the treat bag/container shaking.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OMGosh a whole new adventure waiting you! Your Home on wheels is gorgeous and a new truck to boot. Sweet kitties what more can you ask except to retire right now.,

Rina Mason said...

Looks like your family will have a wonderful place to travel in. There can never be to much kitten spamming so keep spamming.

Susan said...

My lots going on at your place! The truck and the fifth wheel look wonderful - when's the first trip? Should include stops at quilt shops so you can fill up those drawers. And I have no problem looking at kittie cuteness - it is hard to resist!

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

congrats on the beautiful fifth wheel and your eventual retirement. The kittens are adorable! Absolutely adorable :)

Lisa S. said...

Who knew that RVs were so fancy these days? Congrats!

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