Friday, June 16, 2017

Odds and Ends

I was asked about the closure of the Linky on WIPs With Friends each week. 
 I will typically close it around 24 hours after opening it. 
 I realized that this made it inconsistent for my followers. 
 In the future I will be closing the Linky at 10am EST.  
This should give everyone time to post their links.

On another note, hubby and I went thrifting on Wednesday and just look at this great Pyrex/AnchorHocking/Glassbake haul!!

After he cleaned it all up and laid it out this is what we brought home.  
(the cake plate I had)

The two in the center are Pyres and in great shape!

The two square pans and the bread pan are Glassbake as is the mixing bowl.  
The two casserole are Anchor Hocking. 
 Look at those white lids!!! 
 Pretty good haul for one trip I think.  
I had a full purchase card so was able to get an additional 35% off our purchase for the day too!!  
We typically go on Wednesdays when seniors (anyone over 55) gets an additional 25% off,
 but this was an exceptional score!!!

Another fun thing I thought I would share.  Remember last week when we were on farm duty?
One of the things we were supposed to do was to gather eggs.
The chickens are fairly easy, and actually so are the pea hens. 
Except for one crazy bird that I did not know about.

There is a dresser in the coop and Aurora likes to go to the top and back up against the wall to lay.
So her egg falls down the crack between the wall and the dresser.
It most often gets "stuck" in the crack, suspended above the straw provided for her to lay her eggs in.
Which ends up looking like this.
(Top photo for perspective)

That crazy bird!  

That's what I have going into the weekend.

I started cutting out a quilt for our priest that is leaving soon.
I hope to have it all cut out very soon as the weeks will be getting so busy!
I'm going to do a version of this block that I made for my Bee this month.
I am going to do rainbow pluses though.

I can show progress next week, I hope.

My Folksy Fish top is finished too, but no pictures until that baby makes his arrival and I can gift it.

Have a great weekend and let's meet back up on Monday shall we?



Angie said...

I really like all the older Pyrex. About a year ago we bought a brand new one and it exploded in the oven! Big mess!! Anyway they offered to replace it but I told them I was scared of it now, so they sent storage bowls. Anyway, I did some research and Pyrex is made totally different now. The older is great, it may break in half or something but it doesn't explode! Yeah for vintage Pyrex. We shop at thrift stores also!!

Jacqueline said...

The thrill of the hunt.

Needled Mom said...

I love seeing the popularity of the old pyrex ware. That was a good haul.

Do those eggs break when they fall into the crack? said...

Great haul of pyrex. I got quite a few pieces from the great aunt and lots of Fire King with the fruit. I know chickens do nutty things. Every now and then there is an egg in the middle of the outdoor pen like oops look what happened.

KaHolly said...

Those baking dishes remain my favorites, too! Your priest will love his quilt. I look forward to seeing it as you piece it together. What a silly chicken! You should have a little chat with her, explain how it is! ;)

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