Monday, June 05, 2017

The Front Garden

I can NOT believe how busy my weekend ended up being. Who plans these things?  
The upcoming week is no better.  WAY too many social engagements.  
On Saturday I got up and did some major clean up.  
The house was a disaster as hubby has been very ill. 
 So he makes food for himself and just leaves everything, which I get, but it was killing me.  
Saturday is typically the day I do work around the house/yard so I can sew on Sunday. 
 I decided that afternoon would be the day I tackled the front garden.  
No more putting it off.  UGH. 
 It will be so nice once I get it done but it was a crap tom of work and 
I am about half way or less done!!!

You probably remember the bushes getting pulled out on Mother's Day.  
Well, since my husband decided that we needed to change the shape of the front garden, 
that meant a lot more garden. 

 Which meant all that Hell grass needed to be taken out! 
 For anyone that doesn't know, Hell grass is this thick grass that is very invasive. 
 For the yard this is great.  
No weeds grow through it, for the garden?  Not so much! 
 My husband though he would just spray it with Roundup and it would die. 
 Not the Hell grass.  
Oh it *looks* like it is dead but don't buy it!  
It also is the first to turn brown in the fall and last to green up in the spring.  
So I put on my gardening boots and started digging it up with a shovel.  
I just threw it on the lawn. 
 Here is my pile of Hell grass.  
I had to load it up in the wagon and dump it in the back yard.  That stuff is heavy!

So here you can see the 2 blueberry bushes are planted, the Peony bush is planted, the third blueberry bush was transplanted and I moved a rose bush. 
 I transplanted some cone flowers and Hosta and laid down some week barrier 
(which I need more of). 
 I still need to plant the vegetables in this garden and my Foxglove 
(which I would love to have more of too).  
I need to transplant another Peony from the back yard to the front but 
I need it to finish blooming first. 
 Then everything needs to be covered with woodchips. 
 Oh yes the green blob on the left still needs to be dug up, Hosta removed, and grass, t
hen some of that can be replanted.

While I was weighting the weed barrier down with rocks this 
giant-ass spider came creeping out of the stones.  
Have a nice day Fishing Spider, but I will work there when you are gone!! 
 She was probably about 3" with legs and everything.

After 4 hours of working in the sun, I was exhausted.  
I came in and took a shower.  
My face was beet red, hubby thought I was burned, but it is just what I do when I overheat!  
I then went to a Lularoe party at my friend, Jessy's house.  (she is also my hair stylist).  
Her younger sister was there.  
I have not seen her since she had her daughter, who will be 1 shortly. 
 It was really nice to see her and catch up.  
She spent almost as much time at our house as at hers growing up.  
She was my middle daughter's best friend for many years.  Really like another daughter to us.

You can see that my face was still pretty red!

Also, Hallie was being completely adorable.  I was sewing and she was adorabling.  

That's it for now.  
Come back on Wednesday to see all the sewing I worked on.  
I have to save something to show for WIPs With Friends right??

How was your weekend??



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It looks like your kitty was no help at all....LOL. Yuck to the spider....chills....too many legs.

Ioleen said...

Think I would have gone back in the house and stayed there after seeing that spider. Yard is looking great and Hallie is a darling ❤️❤️

c said...

That spider looks like a brown recluse. If it is very poisoned and can rot your skin. Kill it for everyone s sake. Scares me just looking at it. Your cat is just adorable. Billie and I both have cats. Take care getting overheated. Drink water. Sorry if I am nagging

roberta mill said...

Sat-nuthin'. couldn't get into it. Sun mowed the lawn, put borders on a charity quilt, read my library book. Your peonies look better than mine. I transplanted mine a few years ago and they are still trying to bloom.

KaHolly said...

That's a lot of work! I don't garden like that anymore, but I remember those days. Your kitty looks like she's smiling in that first picture.

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