Thursday, June 01, 2017

WIPs With Friends; The Delayed Version (and giveaway)

I totally spaced that yesterday was Wednesday!  
What with the holiday and farm sitting I just completely forgot about it. 
 I am so sorry my friends.  
Additionally, someone dressed me down in a comment left on my last post and I want to address this.  I did not put the pattern designer for the amazing Watercolor Seahorse quilt in my initial post. 
 I was at work and rushed and just could not remember the name of the designer. 
 I have added it and included a link to her website where 
you can purchase your very own copy of her pattern.  
The design is by Summer Crafter and you can find the 
Watercolor Seahorses pattern in her shop right here.  
I am very sorry, I am usually very good about those things as I think they are important.  
I just wanted to get that out of the way and be up front. 
 I am only human and sometimes I just forget things.  

Now on to what I have been working on.  
Speaking of forgetting things, I almost forgot to make my bee blocks for this month!  
This pattern is called Magic 8 Ball and can be found here at Blossom Heart Quilts.  
I love how they turned out.  
These would make a great charity quilt too.  
The secondary pattern is amazing.

I got my Birdie Stitches quilt back a bit ago and decided that I needed to put the binding on.
I had it all made but needed to sew it on.
I got it all stitched on, but not hand sewn down just yet.

Pretty view as I stitched!

Darla Hall did an amazing job with the custom quilting on this!

It was fun to revisit each block as I stitched the binding down.  
My friend from IG loved my vintage sheet stripe binding and 
she has a quilt made using the same Dream On fabric.  
She thought it would be perfect for her quilt so I sent her the rest of what I had and 
I hope that will make her day!

Speaking of binding, the picnic quilt should be showing up soon.  
It will need binding too. 
 I love that the front is so much solid but the back is a light coral.
  For me that is a binding dilema.  
I didn't want the dark on the back or the light on the front.
Make a two sided binding of course!  
You can find the tutorial to make your own right here on my blog if you want to try it.  
It is not difficult and
it really makes a difference for quilts where one color is not going to work for both sides of the quilt.
This is how mine turned out.

All set and ready for when I receive the quilt back.

Now what have you been working on?  
Please link up using the blue linky tool.
If we can get 10 people to link up I will have a little giveaway!



Charlotte M. said...

I did a Birdie Stitches block a number of years ago. It made me smile to see one so recently done.

dianne said...

FINALLY!!! i can (and did) link up this time - seems like i never have my ducks in a row by wednesday ... anywho, congrats on your birdies-almost-finish - it's looking pretty doggone cool!

Bettina Groh said...

not crazy about dressing someone down in the comments section... ie public... there are other ways to do it privately first!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I linked "Sweet Diamonds" a neat little Charity Baby Quilt>so much fun making it! Thanks so much for your Blog!!!

Ioleen said...

Love 💕the birdie quilt.

Brenda said...

I wish I were able to connect through twitter! I am not computer smart or smart phone smart!

Judy in Michigan said...

Love the birdie quilt. The bee blocks are cool and I drew it out to see the secondary pattern. We might use this for our next QOV quilt. Enjoy the weekend!

Jacqueline said...

Love your birdie quilt. It is okay that you are human like most of us. One should be careful when throwing stones,

CA Bobbie said...

You know in our day it's just too easy to "dress someone down" ! I googled the seahorse quilt pattern and had it in less time than "whoever" took to send a written complaint. Too bad on them- you have nothing to be sorry for-if we can find and read a blog then we can find a pattern. Good job on all your posts!!!

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