Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend and Giveaway Winner

I bet you are all anxious to hear who won the giveaway, right?  
It should not be a surprise that it was Kathy S!! 
 She had many of you link up.  
I will be hosting that same link up each week and 
hope you will return to link up every Wednesday with me. 
 Here is what she won.  

Two charm packs and a pattern.  
The charm packs were fabric designed by my friend in real life, Brenda.  
When RJR sent them though they were missing one fabric in the line.  
The line, One Room Schoolhouse, is so pretty though, she should still be able to make something pretty sweet with them!

I had a fun weekend.  
I met a friend and her mom for lunch on Saturday then went shopping. 
 I bought some new clothes and they were even in a smaller size.  
How fun is that?? 
 I was able to buy size 12 and it was not even tight!! 
 I then went to JAF for a visit.  
I have not stopped in there in quite some time and happened to be by a really HUGE one (two floors).  I needed to get a yard of U of M fabric and coordinating flannels
 to make a chenille blanket for someone.  
Of course I could NOT walk out of there without buying a few more things. 
 I got fabric to make 2 more chenille blankets, fabric for some Frosty the Snowman pillowcases 
and a few patterns.  
Quite the expensive trip!!

I did manage to make the binding and label for the Sea Horse quilt!  
See that mermaid?  
That is in quilting cotton but I found that same fabric in Minky and that's what I used for the back!

This is how I seem to spend quite a bit of my time when I am sitting on the couch.  
Hallie jumps up, and then lays right on me while I am doing things in this spot on the couch.

When I am sewing she has taken Autumn's place on the rag quilt.  
Not sure I could get rid of that quilt.  
It has so many memories of each cat sleeping on it while I sew.  

I have lots more to show but no more time to write. 
 I hope you had a good weekend and managed to stay cool! 
 It is supposed to be in the 90's here all week.



Ioleen said...

Congrats to Kathy. Hallie ❤️you.

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