Wednesday, June 07, 2017

WIPs With Friends (and a Giveaway)

Let's see if we can get 10 people to link up this week!  
If we get 10 people then I will have a giveaway.  
You will get an extra entry if you get a friend to link up and leave me a comment saying so.

On to what I have been working on.  How is this always an endless list??  

First up I got my June Bee blocks made.  
This was an easy block and I really like how it looks.  
Our priest is being transferred (they only get to stay for 6 years) and
 I thought this might be a nice one to make a throw quilt for him. 
 I think I would make the + in blue though.  The squares are 5" and it went together so quickly. 
 I wonder if I can find a low volume charm pack?? 
 Might speed things up eh? 
 I will put that on my "to do" list!

Progress continues on my Folksy Fish quilt.  This is my version of a Catfish!

This is my fishy number 8.  

 It was night time but I thought you might like to see the 8 fish I have made so far.
 I am making some improv style water to fill in the spaces.  
This is not the final layout.  
I need some advice.  
I have one more fish to make and he will be swimming in the opposite direction. 
 I am thinking about making him a different color.  
Or maybe the same teal but with an orange stripe?   
The quilt is for a baby boy, so no pink or purples. 
 I am leaning toward the navy, with maybe a hint of orange in it.  

Lastly I received the final sea horse yesterday at work.
  I decided that the rest of my week is SO busy 
that if it was going to be finished it would have to be now.
 I finished the top last night, but the backing and batting.  
It is ready to make it's way to the quilter!!  It was dark so I hope to get some photos later.  
Check out that minky backing!!

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SandraC said...

I like your idea for another blue fish with a bit of orange!

Jayne said...

I've always love the folksy fish! I thing a little bit of orange would be amazing! Love you cat fish too!

Kathy S. said...

I'm playing with plus blocks and low volume neutrals as leaders and enders right now. Fun fun! LOVE your improv fish. I especially LOVE the water they are in. Can't wait to see them all swimming together. Have fun!

Michele T said...

I think that a fish with a complimentary and contrasting colour would be great!! Orange like a goldfish would be awesome!!

Mia said...

I love all your quilt fishes!

Gail Maybee said...

I think orange for the fish would make it pop and then would notice he is swimming the opposite direction. Navy may make h
It blend in to much. They are all cute fish.

dianne said...

i lurve that cat fish!!!

and now i gotta write a post about a WIP so i can link up ... writing the jam post took waaaay too long - but so did the jam - ha ha ha!!!

Lisa J. said...

I like the idea of orange as well......Kathy S. sent me here to link up with you.

Susan said...

Found you through Kathy S, as she's a regular on my Midweek Makers linky party on Wednesdays. Love your fish - each one is unique! Added your linky badge to my sidebar.

Ioleen said...

I tried three times to link up but no luck. Love the catfish.

maggie fellow said...

Kathy S sent me to link up.:)

Preeti said...

I am the 10th one to link-up so I guess the giveaway is on!!! And Kathy S sent me :-) Looks like she might win the giveaway, at this rate.

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