Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blu Joined Beep in Pea Heaven Last Night

Our beloved Blu was not doing very well yesterday when my daughter got home from work.  
He had a blank stare and was lethargic.  
She gave him some antibiotics, a warm blanket and some snuggles and hoped for the best 
but it was not to be.  
We suspect he may have hit his head rather than being ill as it was so sudden.

Blu sustained an ankle injury when he was young and had to have surgery.  
He used to hop along on the one good foot but he never regained full use of that foot.  
He fathered LOTS of pea babies!  
Many of them this year so my daughter has some consolation 
in that she can keep one or more of his kids to carry on. 
 He was just 7 years old.  
When said daughter was living at our house she actually hatched out a few peafowl.  
Blu and Osiris hatched nearly the same time.  
Osiris preceeded him into pea Heaven.  
They hatched in her bedroom in a little styrofoam incubator, along with Jocelyn, the turkey.  
She still has that turkey and she is actually the bird that hatched the last batch of eggs from Blu's pen!

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.  
It has been a tough year losing our beloved Autumn cat, Beep and now Blu.

RIP Blu, I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for you!

One of my favorite photos of Blu.


9 comments: said...

Oh I am so sorry for yet another loss. Hugs and prayers for you and your family. Blu was so very pretty.

Angie said...

Very pretty birds. Sorry for your loss. It's cool y'all have the baby birds though. I'm sure they are very cute!!

Susan said...

Such a beautiful bird - sorry for your loss. At least you have offspring to carry on.

Needled Mom said...

I am so sorry. Blu was really gorgeous.

Ioleen said...

So sorry to hear that blu passed. He was a most beautiful bird. The off spring will be big in no time and will be just as beautiful. Hugs to you and family.

roberta mill said...

Oh. So sorry for your loss.

c said...

So sad you all hurt as a family. Your loss is not yours alone. We all hurt for and with you. So sorry

KaHolly said...

Oh, so sad! Such a beautiful bird!

roccagal said...

so sorry Pam

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