Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meet Finnick and Cole

Yesterday I said we were getting some new additions to our family.  
We picked up 2 kittens at the Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue.  
We had planned on the little brown tabby and the 
bigger orange tabby when we were heading over there. 
 When we walked in it was overwhelming.  
Cats everywhere.  I was litterly in kitty Heaven!!  
Big greeter cats that are not adoptable but super friendly, flow into a room with yet more cats! 
 There was a tabby point Siamese named Melody that was my best friend.  
The workers said that I was the first person she had followed around like that!
She followed me around suggesting that I might want to continue to pet her and take her home.  
I really did want to take her home. 
 She was so sweet I am confident she will get a great home.  
I tried to get a photo of her but she was constantly moving.

Bless his cat loving heart, my husband said we could take her too, but I thought 2 kittens would be enough for our cat Hallie to deal with.  
Maybe I will call next week and see if she got adopted...

On to the kittens!!  
When we went there we knew we wanted this little BROWN (he is not gray) tabby.  
He is our little adventurer.  
We (and by we I mean I) have named him Finnick, Finn for short.  
He was born the end of April, I think she said the 20th 
(I don't have his paperwork with me at work).
He could not be any cuter!

We thought we were going to take an orange tabby home, but he was so stand offish. 
 Additionally, there was a litter of black cats and all of them were friendly, but this one was amazing!  He has a really LOUD purr and likes to snuggle. 
 I was so torn.  
I really wanted another ginger cat, like my Jack.  
BUT, black cats are the least adopted cats and this one was so friendly. 
 I'm pretty certain I will not regret my decision.  
He was born on March 22.  They are a month apart.  
We have named this one Cole.  
His naming was much more difficult as this was not the original kitten we had planned on. 
 I wanted Crowley (after the charming demon on Supernatural) 
but hubby liked Cole (after Cole Porter) better.  Since he let me name Finn he got his way.  

Sadly, Hallie is not at all happy with these intruders!  
The kittens are settling in nicely though and eating, drinking 
and most importantly, using the litter box!  
Hubby slept downstairs with the kittens and I slept upstairs with Hal.  
We may do this for a few more nights just to give her some rest.  
She goes outside during the day so she has a way to have some time away when she wants to.  
I hope she comes around.  
She is not attacking them just hissing, and I think this will fade over time. 
 I didn't sew at all last night as I was socializing with the new additions.  
I am totally smitten with them!

This morning when I got up and went downstairs they both came running to me and wanted my attention, which was great! 
 Cole was curled up on hubby's chest sleeping.  
Finn, the adventurer, was already up and about.  I can see their personalities already!

I will have updates as I take time to take some more pictures.  
I am thinking that I will open up the sewing room to them tonight and
 see who will be the next quilt cat (or if Hallie will claim top spot still). 
 Stay turned for the next edition of Kitten World!  



dianne said...

soft kitty warm kitty...
poor Hallie - she finally had you to herself and now - intruders! being of a Certain Age myself, i can empathize with her ... but those little kitties ARE so stinkin' cute...

CrazyCatLady said...

Hallie will come around with time and patience! Thank you for adopting!

Susan said...

Who could resist such sweet kitties! Those two are just adorable - I think you need to go back for the Siamese. The trio will send the cuteness meter off the charts! And who knows, maybe Hallie will enjoy the company.

Angie said...

Such cute kittens. I cannot have a pet at the moment so I am super excited for you. Once I had a cat named Rolly, that was born when I was in 2nd grade and she lived 18 years! I still miss her! Good luck with the new kitties and your other one also. Have a great day!!

Ioleen said...

So cute. No way to resist kitty charm. The kitties have each other so Hallie might like the Siamese.

Needled Mom said...

Awww. There is nothing like a curious kitten. Have fun with them.

Gail said...

Both your kitties look so sweet. I miss both of mine, but we have decided no more kitties.

Mia said...

So, so cute kitties!

Bettina Groh said...

super (!!!) cute. I am envious!!

VickiT said...

They are all adorable. I have to say that I would definitely have taken that other one who was following you around, even if it meant you'd have three. That one appears to possibly be a Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll, not a Siamese. Their full colors and full coats don't show until they are about 3 yrs old, but that one has enough showing already that it does appear to be a Seal Lynx Point. I have a Blue Lynx Point myself which is my 2nd Ragdoll. They are awesome cats.

roccagal said...

totally adorable-congrats!

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