Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIPs With Friends

It has been such a busy week!  I am working on a quilt for our priest.  
Here are some progress shots.
(It was late)

I have to sew it together yet.

Additionally we had some baby pea chicks hatch out!

Our daughter took us to the Belleville Strawberry Festival on Sunday.  
So much fun!
See, there is even "fun" in the name of the slide!

I was good and did not get any, but Elephant Ears are my favorite fair food! 
 Although the GIGANTIC ribbon of potato chips loaded with goodies looked amazing!

As we were leaving the fair I spotted an animal rescue booth so I stopped.  
I have been trying to find one to volunteer at.  
I got some info from them and then asked them if they had any cats
 (cuz you know I am down 4, LOL). 
 Oh, why yes they did.  They said OVER 100!!!  And the best part?  
They had some right around the corner. 
 So you know I had to go and check it out. 
 I signaled to my husband and daughter and ran over to the tent of kittens. 
 Long story short, we are picking our 2 new kittens up tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Both are long hair tabbies. 
 One is red and one is brown.  Both are boys.
We are trying to come up with names.  
We have chosen two names but we will see when we get there if they really end up with those so I will introduce them to you tomorrow.  
The rescue is  Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue.

I. Can. Not. WAIT!!!

OK so what are you working on 
(I have a feeling it will take me time to get back into my sewing room with new babies in the house).

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and you can link up here and share what you are working on! The link will close tomorrow at 10am.



Needled Mom said...

Looking forward to meeting those new babies here. Have fun.

Mia said...

Love these cute babies! And I love your quilt!

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