Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Faith and Scratch

I don't know how many of you know Faith over at Nutbud Quilter but this is her dog Scratch. Scratch had a badly broken leg and the vet had to do an operation to pin it back together again. At the last visit her bones were not healing properly and the vet suggested amputation of her leg.  I know this was not a decision that Faith entered into lightly.  With the surgery and then the amputation it was very expensive for her too.  The vet does charity work but does ask for a donation.  Faith and her SO, Jim are musicians (I think Jim has another job as well) but Faith is deaf and is on disability so money is tight for them.

Here is Scratch after her amputation.  According to Faith she is getting up and hobbling around but is still in quite a bit of pain (the amputation was very recent).
Faith is a fabulous hand quilter, you should go and check out her work on her blog.  She is looking for a quit top to hand quilt to try to then sell to raise money to help pay for Scratch's surgery.  If anyone has a top they would be willing to donate please email me privately.  If any of you are interested in making an out right donation to the vet to help her out I can facilitate that too.  Again, please email me.  This is the type of top she is looking for.  I guess something scrappy and old fashioned looking.

I know that money is tight for everyone but if you can find it in your heart to help I know it would be appreciated more than you can possibly imagine.

Now a note on how my evening went!  Our lacrosse banquet was last night.  I had to speak and welcome everyone and then do my "thank-you's" to the people that have been so supportive to me through out the year.  I got flowers for a few folks and they turned out so beautifuly!  An orange rose, magenta carnations, Asltromeria, baby's breath and white daisies.  (I should have picked up an additional one for myself!)  I was very nervous in front of everyone but I was told that it went well.  My DS earned his varsity letter so he was pretty happy about that!  

I have quilting with the CL's tonight so more later.


The Calico Cat said...

Does your friend hand quilt for hire? I'd be willing to pay the "going rate" of $1 per running yard & I am only looking for cross-hatch.

Sorry no old tops here...

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