Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kelsey's Big Adventure

For those of you that don't know, this is DD#2.  She is studying fisheries and wildlife at MSU.  She took a class this summer that is like a retreat about 2 hours north of MSU.  She and the other students are catching and sampling from the wild life there.  Here she is with an Eastern Newt.

They caught this raccoon and had to take blood, weigh and measure it.  Here she is taking it's temperature...rectally!  Wow, she really knows how  to have fun, huh??
The shocked the water and had the stunned fish float to the top.  Then they took them and measured and weighed them and catagorized what they found.  Isn't she cute in her waders?  She actually fell in and got wet anyway, lol.  She is holding a Crapie (a type of fish). 
Just a peek into my little adventurer's life!


Faith said...

I loved reading these posts they have cheered me up and made me smile. Gosh I love the colours on your sisters quilt the purples are just lovely and its great to hear you are in the quilting action again.
Thanks for your supportive message.
Faith and Scratchxxx

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Totally laughing out loud... your girl looks so funny with her thumbs-up grin, taking a raccoon's temp. Cool plans she has. Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter sounds like she has the same interest as my DD#2. Mine spent a whole summer doing fish and water data north of Winnipeg... She is hoping to get into Conservation next Fall.
Happy quilting!

Anonymous said...

How can you dear daughter muck around in the wilds and look so utterly darling?

Very Mary said...

If she is having THAT much fun with a rectal thermometer, I really need to rethink my profession.

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