Monday, May 05, 2008

Paducah part 3

OK, OK so I lied and will post more right now. This tree was so cool. It looked like you were looking right up into it.
I loved these whales. Her wake from the whales swimming was really clever.
Their spouting was cool too. See the fins under the water? Awesome!
I messed up and meant to show the whole quilt first but the actual quilting on this was spectacular! Look how each individual square is quilted.
I took this to show my friend Holly as she has 2 horses.
The quilter really captured the look of the tiger with his kill. Spectacular!
Here is the whole quilt.
This was a miniature quilt. I think it was something like 13 X 19 or so. Amazingly little tiny pieces. These mini ones were behind glass so that's what the glare is all about. These really were beautiful and made me realize how very far I still have to go!!
I don't know why but I really loved this quilt. Of course the quilting on it was awesome but I think it is her use of (again) more unusual colors, like turquoise, chartruse, yellow and raspberry. Her applique was cool too but the colors...
Loved the bunny and the cuddling kitties in the bottom right.
This quilt was really big and bold and awesome. The quilting was unbelievable too. I think it won some kind of award too. I'm sure you will read about it somewhere. I really need to pay more attention to what won what.
I loved this lizard quilt. It was gargantuan, like a queen sized quilt. The workmanship was amazing.
I don't even know what to say about this one. Very detailed and beautiful.
I love Feathered Stars and this one was a beauty. I think it won something too. Feathered stars are my favorite block.
I do know that this one won best of show. Not my style but amazing all the same.
Detail of the feathered star.
And another miniature. (feel like a beginner yet??)
Next post will be with pictures of the people I went with and the things we did and bought. Let me know what you think of these quilts. I didn't post all of the photos but I hope you enjoy the ones I have shared.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

oh yes. Like a total beginner. I could comment on each one, but my mind is stunned and my jaw is hanging open.

Faith said...

WOW Thankyou so much for showing the photos they were so exciting to look at, they have given me some ideas what I could do with my own quilts and ideas, they are all beautiful and gosh yes it is worth driving all those hours just to look at these awesome quilts.

Very Mary said...

I truly cannot believe those are quilts. So. Absolutely. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pictures! Talk about feeling inferior in skill...oooo I have a long way to go!

Pat said...

thanks for sharing...and I DO feel like a beginner :)

Holly said...

I really like that miniature pineapple (?) quilt that's scrappy. I can only imagine how tiny those pieces must be.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG these pics show amazing quilts.......thanks so much for sharing..........

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