Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris, The BIG 50!!

I don't show DH on this blog very much and he is really not a social kind of person of my oldest and dearest friends invited us over last night and little did we know she had a birthday celebration planned!  She had some friends visiting from Florida, you know, god's waiting room?  In case you are wondering why 3 candles when he is actually 50 (besides the fire hazard) I was informed they stand for good wishes in the past, present and future.  He actually had a good time.  When I got home from work I had filled his jeep with black balloons (I forgot to take a picture) and tied an "Over the Hill" one to his mirror.  He laughed! Anyway, here he is blowing out his candles.  I asked him if he read my blog and his response was,  "You have a blog?"  Happy birthday honey!!
When mary invited us over, she told me to bring my quilts as her friend, Dee is a quilter.  So, of course, I had to get my sister's quilt all assembled so I could bring it with me, right?  We got to Mary's house and her friends had this adorable dog named Spike.  He reminded me of Wishbone, the TV dog.  Do any of you remember him?
Apparently it has been quite a concern about how I keep my pins, so for those of you with enquiring minds, here is my plastic pin container.
I had to pin the rows together of my sister's quilt and was happily doing so when...
I noticed the ever vigilant Hallie watching me from the piano.  Oh but not for long.  She decided it looked like much more fun to "help" me work on the quilt.
Thanks, Hal, this makes it ever so much easier to work on sewing those rows together!  What would I do without you??

I have the entire top pieced and I bought material for the back.  It is a white-on-white called Rambling Vines by P&B.  It is 115" wide so no piecing, yeah!  I had enough of the 9 patches done to make 2 throw pillows and enough of the focus fabric left to make a couple of pillowcases which I think I will do and give her for Christmas.  I am so ready to move on to another quilt!  Next up will be the signature wedding quilt!  Then hopefully, I will be able to work on the "S" quilt.  I really need to use up some stash.  It has turned into SABLE  which is Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy!

Have a great weekend. DH and I are going for our train dinner tonight. I will take lots of pictures!!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy Birthday!
I remember Wishbone... fun program. Spike is handsome.
Love the quilt progress!

Pat said...

Thanks for the pins update! You can still watch Wishbone on PBS...well here in Milwaukee. My little one like him :)

Happy Birthday to your DH.

My Little Family: said...

Wishbone looks like a rat terrier! Vickie

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