Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pillow cases

I completely forgot to take a photo of the pins in the plastic box last night (it was after 11:30pm that I told you).  I will try to remember to do it tonight.  

I did manage to get all of the blocks for my sister's quilt sewn into rows and some of the rows sewn together too.  I will probably finish sewing the rows into the top tonight.  (I hope anyway).  I *need* to sew the binding on that U of M quilt and on TUQ so I will have some hand work for Sat with the CL's.  

I am trying to plan DH's 50th birthday in the midst of all of this too.  I finally figured out what we will be doing.  I am going to make reservations at the Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train.  It is a 3 hour train ride with a 4 course dinner and a Murder Mystery show.  He loves trains and I think he will enjoy this.  I can get an bottle of wine and an appetizer for an additional cost that I think I will do too.  I have ordered a dozen black balloons to fill his jeep too.  I will pick those up tomorrow and fill the car when I get home.  Maybe I will do it tonight, if they are open late enough for me to do it.  It would be much funnier if it was there for him in the am!  I made an appointment for him to take to dog in for her heart worm check so he will *have* to go to the car!!  We may go to a Detroit Tiger's game on Sat with some friends too but it is dependent on if they still have company or not.  That would be fun too!

I really wanted to make a plan to go to Ireland for his 50th and our 25th but his company just laid off a lot of people and it makes me nervous to think about spending too much money until things settle down a little bit.  That is my "someday" trip, Ireland and Scotland.  (and maybe a stop in England, right Faith??)

I will try to take some pictures tonight to show you tomorrow!  Have a great day!!


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Your gift sounds perfect and I'm sure you'll both enjoy it. Hope you get to the Tigers game - maybe they are on a roll now?

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