Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More from that Posie Patch

After my partying last three days, I decided I needed to get some stuff finished and off my to do list. On that list were making throw pillows for my sister to match her quilt with the left over blocks I had. Here is the back, notice the piping around the edge? That was not fun to figure out!

This is the front of the same pillow with the pillow form inserted! TA-DA!Not bad for a first timer, eh? I made 2 of these one with purple piping and one with pink. Since this was the second one, I liked it much better!
I *still* had more of that darned flowered fabric left so ...pillowcases. Two of them. I think I will give her the quilt for her birthday and the accessories for Christmas, what do you think? She is very difficult to buy things for so this will allow me to spread it all out!
Remember I told you that the CL's taught me how to make a purse? Well, here it is. This is not finished. I need to sew a loop on to that point and a button under it for the closure. I also need to sew on a handle (the directions they gave me, bless their hearts, didn't have the directions for a handle!) But, I know they know how to do it because they showed me one that was finished. Like the chickens, Natalie?
As you can see here both "points" of the triangle make outside flaps for storage and this is what the inside looks like. It is SOOOOOO easy to make this. They used pre-quilted fabric (which is pretty expensive) I quilted this myself! Let me know what you think!
I told the CL's that I would make these vinyl screen bags for our craft show so I tried the pattern that I had been given. They were pretty simple to make but the directions were not that great so I had to rip out a lot. Here are the 2 I finished making today. All from clearance fabric!

They are quite large, think 16X18" but I really like them. They took me about an hour to make each one. Now I have to figure out how much to charge for the show. The screen is kind of expensive about $4 per bag. It takes about 1/3 of a yard of fabric and then thread. Any suggestions? What would you be willing to pay?

So this is how I spent my Sunday. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Chris' sister, Julie, came over this am and took us out for breakfast. More partying, but more my speed, lol!

We have the lacrosse banquet tonight. I will most likely tell you all about it tomorrow. Have a good evening!


Pat said...

Nice job on the pillows and pillowcases and I think I would give some for Christmas. I still owe my Mom matching pillowshams from about 4 years ago :) The purse is soo cute and I made a few of the screen bags too. A friend made them as bee Christmas gifts where the gift should be a $10.00 value...does that help?

How about those Red Wings?!Go Team!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The pillows and pillow cases are so pretty... good idea to extend the gift giving. I always plan ahead for gifts, but then I get too excited and give it all away sooner than later!
Gee, were there chickens on the purse?! I hardly noticed... *liar, liar, my pants are on fire!* Love the chicken fabric. Cluck! Cluck!
Not sure what to charge on the bags, but I do know you should not undersell your merchandise... it's too good for a bargain table!

Faith said...

the pillows are really pretty well done doing the piping I have not attempted that yet but I will do one day. Pillow slips are nice for Christmas handmade and different,life is too short so get as much partying done as you can girl!! :o)

Serena Smith said...

love the purses!!! Neat ideas! :)

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