Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Belated Birthday Gifts!

Ah, blogging friends!  I have "met" so many wonderful bloggers and several of them I have actually met in person (you know who you are).  One of my friends, Faith, from Nut Bud Quilter I have not met in person...YET.  She lives in the UK and send me this wonderful package last week to celebrate my birthday.

It was a box of very yummy chocolates!  And this cute little kitty card.  Thanks, Faith, you're the best!!
Bet you all wish you could sample these beauties, huh?  Some were a little mushed but they are all fabulous.  
I have been a slug of late.  I made the sleeve for the Texas quilt and now must sew it on the back.  I really don't like doing that very much and this is just the third time I have done it.  Way too much work!  I have quilting with the CL's tonight so plan on getting it done there, no cat hair either.  I had to spend about 20 minutes vacuuming the cat and dog hair off the Texas quilt.  Can't enter it in the show all furry!!  The Ann Arbor Quilt Guild quilt show is this weekend and I will have both Texas and the Posie Patch quilt in the show.  My very first show.  I hope people like my quilts.  I'm always a little nervous putting myself out there for everyone to see, but I am going to do it this time and see how it goes.  Both quilts are my own design so it's a little more personal!  How do you feel about these things?


Faith said...

sorry the chocolates got mushed never mind something nice will come in the post in the future!!

Jeanne said...

Of course, people will love your quilts! I hope to get to the show, but don't know what day yet. The candy looks yummy.

Pat said...

The chocolates look tasty even if smashed a bit.

I'm sure the people will love your quilts...the are beautiful :)

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