Wednesday, July 02, 2008

She did it!!

I don't have a lot of anything to post but our family friend, Allison Schmidt was swimming in the 200 freestyle finals of the Olympic Trials tonight. I left quilting early tonight so I could come home and watch the finals. She was seeded second going into finals. The first place girl was Katie Hoff. It was an amazing race. You can view the race here, under the womens 200m free. She finished second !!!!!! Top first and second place go to the OLYMPICS!!!!!!!! They BOTH broke the American record for the event. Allison finished second by 4 100ths of 1 second! Katie went 1:55.88 and Allison went 1:55.92. AMAZING!!! She is such a nice girl and I am so happy and proud of her! I was yelling and crying while she was swimming. She used to compete against my DD2 and when she would kick her ass in the pool she would get out of the water and tell her what a great swim DD2 had had. So humble! You certainly don't see that with Michael Phelps! Go Allison. We are soooo proud of you!!


Holly said...

You know, I'm with you. I would much rather watch swimming than anything else in the olympics. The diving competitions have me nervous, sitting on the edge of my seat, though. I was a swimmer growing up but somewhere around 40 I decided I would never wear a bathing suit ever again. Ever! The closest I get to swimming now is the bath tub :)

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