Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Windows and New Bloggers

I entered a home make over contest, no winner yet they draw in Ocotber, but they had to come over and give us a price on new windows.  So last night was the night.  DH grumbled about it as he didn't want to spend time talking to someone about that, ya know?  Five o'clock rolled around and the window guy shows up (on time, this is a good sign) well long story short, my DH knew him!!  The WG had worked at the same company as DH for 31 years and was recently let go with the latest round of lay offs.  Good news for me was that DH had flown him many times and really liked him (hmmm maybe I will get new windows out of this whole deal after all...) So we listened for an hour to the WG and, wait for it...I will be getting my new upstairs windows installed in August!!!!  TA-DA!!  There are 2 in our bedroom that DH didn't want him to measure and price out because he didn't want the guy to go into our room (not as picked up as it should be, I guess) I really didn't care but know how I would have felt if it was me, so I deferred.  I can always do it next year (or if we win the contest).  YEAH us!!  The upstairs windows are the original windows from 1976 when the house was built, so, um, yeah, they really needed to be replaced!

Now on to the new blog I found.  Minnick and Simpson (that's right, the fabric desingers you all love) now have a blog!  Go and check it out.  Especially you, Miss Jeanne, as they are HUGE baseball fans!!  Had a son play for the Tigers farm team and everything!!!  I hope you all go over and visit and say HI!

I hope to have more interesting stuff to post later in the week.  I am taking the rest of the week off work (YEAH!!!) just to play around at home.  I am going to go to the LQS to pick up some of the Hungry Catapillar fabric so maybe I will have that to show.  Also I *need* to get to the pillows for the outdoor furniture.  Time will tell what I can get finished, huh?

Anyone else wanting Faith's address please email me.  She now has a bladder infection on top of the MS diagnosis, so keep her in your prayers!  


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats on the new windows!! I bet this guy thought he got the sale in the bag the minute he recognized your DH! :o) It will be a great improvement to your home.

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