Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Very Exciting Day

I had a very exciting experience recently.  I read Mary Ann's blog and she is a collector of vintage paper things.  I was visiting my dad's house recently and he had many vintage magazines and patterns that he was going to discard.  So...I thought I would just send them to Mary.  Little did I realize that there were 53 pounds of very vintage goodness to send to her!  I sent it and waited.  On the day I got a belated birthday gift from her I called her and the BIG package arrived with her.  Please go read about what she had to say here.

So on to the story of the evening.  I had an eye doctor appt after work and got new contacts.  I like some things about them but the close up vision is still more blurry than I like so may have to try another pair.  I drove home with DS (who is now working in the lab with me for the summer) and did some cleaning and then got dinner ready.  There was a surprise in the mail for me.  This installment of the Designer Sampler BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I did the first one and loved it and here is what the second one looks like.

I love the fabric and I hope I will get a chance to work on it tonight.  I really want to try to stay on top of it so I can have a beautiful quilt all finished this time.  (My track record with BPM's is not very good, nuff said!)

In addition, I had seen this cute little pattern but it was out of stock when I ordered it.  They sent it with the BOM thus saving me some postage.  Isn't it cute?  I just fell in love with it!
I thought it might be a good group project for the CL's to work on.  Those that like to applique can do so and those that don't can make the pieced blocks.  I will probably make it bigger and may not use all the same green, and maybe not even green.  Our church stash is sorely lacking in green.  But, we will see.  I may make a few small ones for the craft show, I don't know but I just love these chubby gals!  (Kindred spirits, maybe?)

And just so you know, I am officially getting old.  You know you're old when...

You are eating dinner, the phone rings, it's the CL's asking where you are (and it's only 5 to 7) for quilting that begins at 7...except for when it doesn't because you forgot there are summer hours and it begins at 6!!  DUH!!!

I wanted to get done last night was the sleeve hand sewn on to the Texas quilt.  I took the quilt and the sleeve to the church with me and was hell bent on getting it done before I went home.  So I was working hard and 8 o'clock came and the CL's told me that Mike (the custodian at the church) would kick me out like he did to them last time.  Well, Mike came in and I asked him if I could stay until I was done, maybe another 20 minutes or so and he said it was fine just lock up.  I guess being in charge has it's perks right?  Long story short, the sleeve is on the quilt and Charlotte helped me get the last little bit of fur off the quilt too.  There's a little Charlotte and Pam spit all over that quilt!  I'm just sayin' that if you wet your fingers and brush the fur away it comes right off, better than a lint brush.  

I need to drop off the quilts tomorrow morning and then there is a reception in the evening.  I am getting my hair cut and highlighted tonight and am going to a new person so I am a little nervous about that but excited.  I have been seeing the same person for my hair for over 20 years and I met a woman that does hair and works with a dear friend of mine and I am going to give her a try.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Faith said...

I hope you are going to post a picture of your new hairdo girl.
I had to laugh at the Charlotte and Pam spit on the quilt, it will give it good luck for sure!!Now what colour hilights have you had done pink? red? green? well quilters can do anything.....they are after all special artists :0)

Jeanne said...

Way to go getting the sleeve done! I'll be hoping for hair pictures, too. The Chubby Chicks pattern is so cute.

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