Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!!

Today is my 49th (really, no kiddin') birthday!  I went out for lunch yesterday with my friends, Yuki and Karen.  We were all wearing colorful shoes so I took this photo.  Can you guess which ones are mine??  If you read this blog you should remember me showing them, tee hee.

Here I am with Karen.
And here is Yuki and the lovely vase she and her DH gave me for my birthday.

We went to a wonderful place for lunch, Cafe Japon and it serves Japanese food.  The food was just wonderful!!  This is what Yuki had.  Ham and Brie on baguette.
Karen ordered the tofu salad and some sushi.  I am not usually a big sushi fan but this was really good!
This was mine, Katsu but made with chicken.  That is shredded cabbage not lettuce and it was seriously yummy!!
I forgot to take a picture of this before we all devoured most of it but it was a kind of white fish similar to yellow fin tuna.  It was seared and warm in the middle but kind of raw.  The chef sent it to our table (because both Yuki and Karen eat there often!)  It was very good.  The fish was kind of crunchy on the outside and very tender.  So good!!
Then on the way home from work today I finally picked up the spring rods to hang the curtains I made.  This means you now get to see them!  They are so sheer it is difficult to photograph but you get the idea.  I need to trim the ribbons yet, but I think they look great.  
See the little apples on the sill?  Yuki made those for me for my birthday last year.  She embroidered each with a letter of my name so they spell out P-a-m-e-l-a, clever girl that one!!

I don't really have any grand plans to celebrate tonight.  I am hoping for some Chopstick House chinese Hunan Shrimp and some crab rangoons.  I will take pictures of that!  DD2 is coming home just to see me on my birthday, sweetness incarnate!  To top it all off, there is a new episode of Stargate Atlantis on TV tonight too, woo hoo!!!  

For all you Stargate fans out there, you probably already know, but Don S. Davis (general George Hammond)passed away recently.  I will really miss him!!  I guess he had a heart attack.  The last SG thing he did was the  latest movie, (not released yet).  I will miss him on the team.

Hubby bought a clothes hanger thingy (not really sure what to call it).  For hanging wet laundry on.  It will be nice in the summer to hang up the clothes outside!  NOT to be used as a birthday gift, I'm just sayin!!


Natalie said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!
Big hugs and best wishes. God bless you!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Pam! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends. You are wearing the cute red shoes if I remember correctly. Just got back from Comerica and saw another losing game. We must jinx them or something.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Birthday, girlfriend! The partyin' just doesn't stop for Mama Spark! ha!! Your curtains are pretty and your red shoes are divine! many happy returns...

andsewitis Holly said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! May your day be everything you hope for.

Okay, the shoes. I don't remember a post about them but I see Karen is wearing teal so she must have the matching teal shoes. Yuki is wearing jeans so that's a dead give-away. You must have the red shoes.

Faith said...

sorry the delay in writing I had been in Sheffield hope you had a wonderful I have been thinking about you and wishing I had a magic wand so that I could deliver your present in person to you but its in the post to you ON THE WAY!!!

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