Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Patience is a Virtue!

First I am going to show you the goodies I bought at Jennifer's Quilt Shop.  More red and whites.  Very pretty.  Her shop had a wonderful selection of red and whites, more than any other shop I have been in!

I fell for this line by Moda.  Mix and Mingle.  It is really beautiful!
Now what I really wanted to blog about.  As I told you I found the old quilt my grandmother had made.  My mother had re-covered it in this lovely 70's pre-printed crazy quilt fabric and tied the whole thing with black yarn, thanks mom.  Not only that but she took the backing and folded it over on to the front and did a zig zag all the way around the quilt making sure to catch the old quilt in this stitch.
You can see said zig zagging here.  Patience is a virtue.  I thought I would just open it up and viola it would be mine.  HA!  Fat chance of that happening.  
So I patiently ripped all the stitches out with my trusty seam ripper.  Then I took out all the black yarn.
Take a peek inside, I couldn't resist a sneak peek!
And three L-O-N-G hours later here is the old quilt I remembered!!  

Some spots have not worn well, but I love it and it really means a lot to me to have finally been able to get to it.
There are some really unusual fabrics in it too.  I am guessing many of them are from clothing.
Some spots are in pretty good shape.  It is tied with blue yarn.

This is what the back looks like.  I am so glad I was patient and finally have my old friend back!  Now I have to consider how to clean it.  I think I will put some screening over it and vacuum it first and then maybe hang it outside to air it out.  Any suggestions?  It has been in musty old basement so it doesn't smell as nice as one might like, lol.
I am also going to meet Pat from Bell Creek Quilts tomorrow!  She is in MI from WI visiting her mother.  We will be meeting at the Lake Street Mercantile and then going for lunch.  Isn't that going to be fun??


Elaine Adair said...

What a dear, lovely story. You really DID capture memories, didn't you? 8-)

Jeanne said...

How wonderful that you have your 'memory' quilt back! I'm sure you'll cherish it. The reds are looking really good. I may have to join in, too. *s* Have fun tomorrow with Pat and please say hello for me.

jacquie said...

What a treasure is this quilt. I have a quilt that was given to me that needed some freshening too. Airing didn't do it. I put it in one of those Dryel bags that are used to dryclean in your home dryer with one of the dryel sheets. I put the dryer on cool air dry and it did remarkably well. It's pretty gentle on the quilt because it's sealed in the bag.

Holly said...

You have the patience of Job! Your grandmother's quilt is awesome and I can tell you cherish it dearly.

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