Monday, July 07, 2008

The weekend

I had a good weekend (mostly that is) and thought I would share it with all of you.  These photos are not in the right order, but I'm too lazy to change them, hahaha.  I bought some fabrics to make cushion covers for my outdoor furniture.  I have had them for some time but really didn't feel like making them, until Friday!  So now you get to see them in all their cushiony glory!!  

The ones on the 4 chairs are 2 this blue and 2 like the green one on the loveseat.  (Can you see the cat's rain haven in the background?  I leave it out there so if they get caught in the rain they can stay dry!  I also saw some really neat lace curtain panels in Shipshewana with a not so cool price of $42 each.  I really liked how they put ribbon on each side and then pleated them from the bottom and tied them with the ribbons.  DH was all for buying them but I knew I could make them for much less.  So I went to JAF and got some embroidered organza and the ribbon and made them for less than $10 per window!  Much better than $42 per window, dont'cha think??  I have to get the spring rods for them and once I hang them I will photograph them and you will be able to see them too!
Chris brought the State flag out and sat it on the patio table and guess who decided that flag needed some orange cat fur on it?  Yessiree...Ole' Jack himself.  Just marking his flag!!
Now here is where the weekend got much better.  DD2 wanted me to go to East Lansing on Sat and pick her up after work then drive to Grand Rapids to see DD1 and my dad and sister, then back to EL and then back to my own home.  DD2 did not get out of work until 2pm so we got started around 2:30.  I drove the back way up to EL as it is a pretty drive and I could stop at the quilt shop.  I stopped at Jennifer's Quilt shop and unbeknownst to me they were having a sale to honor her being in business for 3 years.  So if you spent $50 or more you got 20% off your total purchase.  I was trying sooooo hard to behave and not spend much when she had to go and tell me that!  So I just *had to* support my LQS, right?  I have not had a chance to take any pictures of the stuff I bought but I will do that tonight.  She had also baked some pretty incredible chocolate chip cookies so I took 2 and continued on my way.  Well, as I was driving on this 2 lane highway I realized that I was going over the speed limit and began slowing back to 55 just as the cop radar-ed me speeding.  What rotten luck.  I have NEVER, in my whole life, had a speeding ticket!  I intend to send it in as guilty with an explanation and hope they just have me pay the fine and not give me the points.  I figure it can't hurt, right?  So continued on to pick up DD2.  She proceeded to talk my ears off for the next hour and a half (boy I sure do miss that, no seriously, I really miss our talks!)  Then we ended up in GR to see Dad and DD1. We ended up eating dinner at the Chinese Buffet.  There is my dad, then my sister, then DD1 and DD2.  
My mom was a hoarder.  It's true, the woman NEVER threw anything away.  I don't think DD2 has ever been in the basement at grandpa's house...until Saturday!  She had a blast!!  She discovered these things, I think they are called records (ROFLOL!!!)  OMG grandpa even had a...gulp, way to play them, an actual record player!!  Well that came home with us and is now at school with her and she is sooo thrilled about it!!  I go down the basement every time I go to visit and see what I need to bring home with me too.  (Kim, it is kind of like thrifting but for free).  So Very Mary, guess what I put my hot little hands on for you??  Yep, Saturday Evening Posts, some other old magazines and a few patterns.  It might cost you a mint for the shipping so let me know if you still want them before I go to the post office, ok?

The BEST part is that I have been looking and looking for an old quilt that my grandma made.  You have probably heard my story about this already but for those of you who haven't, here is the RDCV.  I used to sleep under the quilt as a little girl in our camper.  I would fall asleep looking at all the fabrics trying to find 2 that matched or choose a favorite.  My mom re-covered it with this funky pre-printed crazy quilt fabric (icky).  I look every time I go and have yet to find it.  Well, are you ready for this...I FOUND IT!!!!!  I am too scared to take it apart.  I'm afraid the memories I have of it won't be what it really is.  I know, silly huh?  My plan is to open the newer fabric and take out the prize tonight.  I can barely stand it.  I will take photos of both so you can see what I see too.  

Looks like a fun filled evening!!


Jeanne said...

Sounds like a busy and fun week-end! I can't wait to see the quilt you found. Your cushions look very nice outside and of course, Jack is as handsome as ever.

G'G'ma said...

Got a kick about the "records". Last year at my Mother-in-laws some of her great granchildren from AR were there.There was a conversation about the pictures that great grandma had taken on a trip but they were all on slides. "Slides, slides, what are slides"? asked Audry. Well, that took care of all plans for the afternoon as we spent 3 hours going through slides from 40 years ago. It seemed so funny to realize that todays kids don't know about those things. Wonder what they would think about the big flashbulbs we had to use!

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