Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Friend

And a wonderful day!  I had another opportunity to meet a new friend Pat from Bell Creek Quilts.  She lives in Wisconsin and was in Michigan visiting her and her husband's families.  Her mother lives in South Lyon and since that is not very far from me we met up at the Lake Street Mercantile there.  It is a lovely shop and we had a great time shopping there.  Laurie Simpson from Minick and Simpson stops in there quite often but we didn't get to meet her.  I did however, buy a kit with her Winter fabrics.  Here you see me and Pat with our bags!

This is the kit of the Winter fabrics.  I also bought these 2 patterns.  Isn't that owl one adorable??
This is what the Winter quilt will look like when finished.  It is really much prettier in person.
Pat, that wiley girl, brought me a wonderful birthday present (or maybe I should say presents!)  She made that cute little Spartan bag and it is insulated!  In addition (I think she felt sorry for me) she made me two pin cushions.  They were made out of Michigan fabric, but she had put green and white pins in them so I can "Stick it to Michigan"!!  ROFLOL!!!  Thanks, Pat!!
She also included 6 fat quarters, 3 blue and 3 yellow to  replace the ones I used in the M string quilt.  Great, now I have to make another blue and yellow quilt, lol!  Aren't these pin cushions great??
We had a wonderful time together.  I felt like I had known her for years and we were re-connecting rather than meeting for the first time.  I hope we will be able to continue to meet up from time to time (or that when she begins her LAQ business she will remember to take me to quilt market with her!!, LOL)

The other great thing that happened to me today is that Liz quilted this very vintage wall hanging for me.  I say very vintage as it was hanging out in the basement waiting for me to quilt it from almost since I began quilting!!  Many, many moons ago.  I actually put on all the binding last night and it is now hanging on the wall in my bathroom (where I change the wall hangings by month, or want to once I get enough to do this!) 
Liz put flowers in the basket.  I think they are so beautiful!
This is a close up of the detail of the quilting in the borders.  She was trying out a new ruler in the red part.  I really like it. 
For some reason, one of my favorite elements of the quilting is the little half circles in these triangles.  I just love them!  This is the first time she has done these on a quilt for me.
I had better go and get some work done at my actual job.  You know you are spending a lot of time on blogging at work when you talk about a new computer and someone says, "Why, will the blogs show up better on a new computer?, ROFLOL!!  There's  a smart alec in every group, right?

I am going out to lunch with my friend Yuki and our friends Karen and Fabiani (from Brazil) today to celebrate my birthday.  What a great birthday week I am having.  Oh, I almost forgot, my friend Charlotte, a CL, made a wonderful chocolate bundt cake for my birthday and brought it to quilting last night too.  Birthday weeks rule!!!


Matthew said...

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Birthday! Your wallhanging is completely fantastic!

Tanya said...

Wow! Love that little vintage wall hanging! Liz did an absolutely fantastic job of quilting that and making a historic piece look like great fun!

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